Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Card Bloopers 2010...

My helper was, well, should I say...a distraction. He stood behind me "cawing" like a bird....flapping his arms up and down making everyone laugh. Thanks, hon.....75 frames later. I toned him down a bit and we proceeded with some okay shots. Nothing spectacular but, okay and I had to be okay about it. It's who we are....we are very real people....a little chaotic at times. They are the loves of my life. I'll post the Christmas card photo soon.

Friday, December 17, 2010

School Parties and Open Houses....

Yesterday morning was a little nutty-- the Science open house for both Andrew and Christian and Lucey's school party. I made the cupcakes the night before and lost steam. So I was up at 5:00 a.m. baking scones (Andrew's choice to take to school) and lemon mini muffins for Christian's class. Andrew headed out the door with his contribution because his Science class meets first period. He also had a few gifts he wanted to take for friends and one special teacher.

I started stacking all the goodies by the front door to load up. Lucey's cupcakes and her teacher gift....I wish I had a picture of Lucey. She looked so cute this morning. It was just too crazy. After spending some time in her classroom getting all settled I raced to the Middle School. I missed Andrew's class and power point slide presentation. I felt so bad about that. I just can't be in two places at the same time. With Ron out of town...it's a little more difficult.

I was there for Christian. He has Science second period...lucky for me. The Science room is beautiful with an area for lectures and note taking and an area with modules set up for hands on learning. They also have an area to dissect. This is Christian's computer and he had his presentation set up and ready to go.

His Module was on Ecology. This time around he didn't have a partner...on his own. He did well.

We walked around to all the modules. They will have 15 total by the end of the year. They are set up for success. This is the human body module.

I got out of the room quickly when the bell rang so I could tell Andrew I was sorry for missing his class. He was so sweet about it. "No problem, mommy." Their buddies came over and they let me snap a group photo. Such a cute fresh faced bunch.
God Bless--

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Sweetness!

Yesterday morning was Lucey's Christmas recital for the pre-3 class at her Christian pre-school. It was the sweetest little performance. (Remember, click on the photo to enlarge.)

Before they performed they said a prayer. Just in case you are not sure....Lucey is the little one in the black and white skirt and red sweater on the far right. :-)

They are singing about Bethlehem in this song.
Here they are singing Happy Birthday to Jesus.

Here they are professing their love for Jesus and they ask us...."Do you love Jesus?" Yes, Lucey....We do!!!!

This is what Christmas is all about.

Last week, I took Andrew and Christian to the Kansas City Symphony. The music was so beautiful. The traditional music was played and the Children's choir sang. After intermission there was a sing along...we had so much fun--not to mention that we were served the most sinfully delicious brownies ever.

With our big weekend event and Ron traveling this week--I am way behind with our Christmas preparations...or I should say...what the World would deem as "behind." I'm trying not to worry....just pacing myself and focusing in on the true meaning. The rest will come together. It always does.
I have to share the beginning of my week.....when I had a tug of war with my emotions....

Lucey and I went shopping on Monday to get some cards and gifts. So it's double up on the shopping. All of the most important people in our lives (outside this house) seem to have birthday's right about now. I fluctuated between feeling frustrated and blessed......

1. It was 10 degrees...brrr....and dragging Lucey around was going to be a challenge. We don't live near shopping. The closest shopping are outdoor malls. They are wonderful on beautiful days but not this day. So I had to drive even further to get to an indoor mall. I started 0ut frustrated.

2. Lucey practiced her recital songs on the way to shopping. A reminder of what Christmas is all about. I felt Blessed to have her with me.

3. I could not find a parking spot. Double frustrated! Then, voila...one opened. Yippee. I parked only to realize I was right next to a snow mound. I had to step out and into the deep snow. Then had to get Lucey out too....triple frustrated....it required some gymnastic moves and some splits too.

4. We were finally in the mall nice and warm and Lucey in the stroller. Ahhhh....Blessed and feeling like it was going to be okay.

5. First stop....the Hallmark store. I spent time hand picking each card and Lucey was doing well. Not too crowded. Then...."I have to go potty!" Frustrated!! We left the cards with the girl at the check out and went out of the store in search of the restrooms. Frustrated.

6. Back to the store....picking out more cards with Lucey wanting to walk. Okay....no problem...but, the store was crowded now and she wanted to push the stroller around. You get the picture. I had a hard time concentrating and I had to go at a slower pace than I had wanted. We got in the long line. Lucey is hungry and fussing. It was finally my turn and....the girl couldn't find the first batch of cards. Really frustrated....I started praying. She went on a search. The people behind me were irritated. At last....she found them! Blessed!

7. Off to have lunch....which meant not shopping. Frustrated. Then remembered that I am with my girl and I should enjoy these moments. Adam is about ready to graduate and move on....I know the years fly by. So just enjoy this time. Blessed.

8. Finally we finished and it was off to one of my favorite stores. I pull in with the stroller and this pretty lady approaches me with a lovely smile recognizing us from my blog....it's Melinda from here. Melinda and I have been emailing and wanting to get together and meet in person. It has just been so difficult with our schedules. We hugged, we chatted about our families and we talked about the girls. Our girls have the same special needs issue. She gave me valuable information. Meah is 10 and has already started procedures that Lucey will begin in a year and a half. My day was then super Blessed. The Lord knew the gift I needed at just the right time.
It was so great to meet you Melinda! Thank you for taking the time to talk with me. I hope we can get together again soon!
After that...I bought a few more things and headed home with my load and one tired girl!
What a great and Blessed day after all!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

2010 Training Conference and Christmas Ball

It was a busy weekend...Ron hosted approximately 500 Soldiers and their spouses at our Battalion training Conference/Christmas Ball. Friday nights event kicked off with the individual company (Ron has 7 companies in his Battalion) parties. We strolled from room to room enjoying each theme party and talking with the Soldiers and their spouses. Saturday morning we had on-sight daycare for the kiddos who came (Ron's Battalion spans three states). The ladies enjoyed an early spouses breakfast and then participated in a seminar where we learned a lot of important information that will help ease our crazy lifestyle. The Tucker troops were all here except Adam who stayed home with our little dog Max. He also needed to do quite a bit of studying with mid-terms this week. Andrew and Christian had hand bell practice for Christmas Eve church service on Saturday morning back near our home. My very dear friend, Shea--who happened to be in town from Alabama-- came by the hotel and took the boys to practice.

Thank you Shea-Shea!! I am forever grateful!

Lot's of moving parts to this weekend.

Shea brought the boys back and we girls had a nice leisure lunch together. I enjoyed my time with my dear friend. Lucey was wore out from day care and took her nap on my lap.

This picture was taken after the Christmas Ball on Saturday evening...I know I look tired and I was. I took Lucey to the day care room at 4:00 and then met Ron and our guest to walk over to the ball and prepare for the cocktail hour. Ron and I shook hands with 500 people as we greeted each and everyone in the receiving line. I loved having a close up and personal look at the lovely ladies in their cocktail dresses. To shake the hands of the young Soldier's and thank them for their service.
Ron is presenting a gift to our guest speaker.

Ron and Chris--His Command Sergeant Major. They are a dynamic duo!

We received the gift of staying in an amazing hotel suite. It was beyond anything we have ever stayed in. The boys were just giddy. Lucey woke up this morning and snuggled in our bed.
This is the view from our room. It was gorgeous at night. Our room was wrapped in ceiling to floor windows and we took up the entire end of the 18th floor and it was the corner room.

This was Andrew and Christian's room. They had a hard time getting out of bed this morning for church; they were so snug. They kept their curtains open so they could enjoy the Christmas lights and the World War I monument.

Lucey standing in front of the little Christmas tree in our living area. She has her princess jammies on. She definitely has her "wants"....she had to have these when we went shopping last week. They really are cute on her.
Since the weekend was completely devoted to the Battalion, I have a lot of work left to do to get ourselves ready for Christmas. I know it will all come together....it always does. I do love this time of year and we just remember all the blessings in our lives......
Blessings to you----

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Last of the Wrestling Season

Wrestling ended last night. I have to say, the meets are long and we only get to see our guys for a few minutes. But....I loved every minute of watching them develop, grow tougher and learn this new sport. Andrew loves it and will continue with the private team. Christian learned that this is not his sport. Not that he didn't excel but that he just didn't enjoy it.

The next set of pictures were taken at several meets.

This was taken at a big tournament. Christian's first meet. The boys were dropped off at 7:00 a.m. at school where they took the bus to the meet. We met them at the meet at 9:00 a.m. and it did not end until 3:30 that afternoon. Lucey met a little girl named Katie and they got along beautifully.

Christian is pacing and holding his paper work that let's him know when he competes. Christian paid close attention as he waited.

Christian wrestled several times. He won this match.

This is Andrew....he won his match too.

I love this photo...the referee holding up Andrew's arm.
Then, Christian wrestled a seasoned 8th grader. They were paired up according to weight, not ability or age. It was tough. He struggled. I'm sure there was a moment when he wanted to quit. But, he didn't. They stopped the match when his nose was bleeding and he talked with his coach. Christian is tough....he got back in there and finished. We were so proud of him. His first meet and he wrestles a "veteran." :-)

Ron met him on the floor to check out his nose. It may have been broke. It was painful. He survived. He ended up with bruising around his nose and eye.
Overall they did well. Andrew ended up winning a silver medal and Christian a bronze.

This is Andrew walking back from getting his medal.

This is Christian walking back from getting his bronze. That lessened the sting of the loss and the injury.
Katie and Lucey have been playing together ever since that one long tournament.

I believe they are having their own, very girlie, wrestling match.

Adam has come to a few meets. He had a brother to brother chat with Andrew. The boys really look up to Adam and hang on to his every word.
Andrew has won several of his matches based on points but the ones that mean the most are the two he won by pinning his opponent.

"Boys, you had a fantastic season! We are so very proud of your determination and hard work you put into this very difficult sport. I had no idea you could be so aggressive. You shocked the socks off of me. "
We have a break and then it's on to basketball season. Andrew did not try out. This year the coach only wanted 12 players so there was a two day tryout. Christian made the team! He is thrilled. Not only did he make based on his athleticism but also his grades. At their school academics come first. Christian has excellent grades. Both the boys do.
7th grade has proved to be a busy and exciting year for all of us. I do look forward to the break from sports. :-) I think we all do.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Beyond Organic

This past week our family was blessed with visitors from Minnesota on their way to El Paso, TX....a Military family we have not seen in four year. Michelle and 5 of their 7 kiddos came for an overnight visit before heading off on the rest of their journey. They came with organic eggs from their very own chickens, a huge squash from their organic garden, homemade apple sauce and salsa. Why is it "beyond organic"? Michelle's garden is on the land where she grew up. Her family farm-- and she knows her soil so well and knows it is completely pure. Another reason why her produce is "beyond organic" -- she puts so much love into her gardening. What a wonderful hostess gift. We had so much to catch up on; the visit was much too short.

I still need to make something with the squash....it's sitting on my counter waiting to be devoured. Hmmmmm....I'll figure out something.

We have been running in many directions the last 4 days. I was barely home yesterday. Yesterday morning I told Lucey we had a big day planned. She looked at me with a serious face and said, "Mommy, I want to have a little day." Today is thankfully going to be a "little" day. I have a lot to do but I can do quite a bit of it from the house. Lucey can chill. She needs some down time.

I hope you are getting some down time too. :-)


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cards and Packages--Oh My!

The first Christmas card arrived on Tuesday, November 30th. How impressive is that! We were so excited to open it because it was from a Military family we met long ago. Her husband is deployed right now and here she is with four kiddos whom she homeschools. She is one organized Mama with such a beautiful family. She has so much faith and she always seems to be so upbeat. We put the photo card on our refrigerator to remind us to pray for them and for his safety every time we walk by. This is the best first Christmas card of the season.

We also received a package....Thank you, Bunny!!! You are the greatest and of course my guys couldn't wait until yesterday to tear into their gifts. Each receiving their own Kinder Kalendar. Whooo-hoooo....out came those first eggs with the cute little Santas inside.

Lucey opened her calendar too.....Polly Pockets. She is sooo into that! The little doll and that first outfit....she will play with that all afternoon.

Thank you dear friends...for thinking of us during this beautiful, Holy Season.
I'd better get myself moving and get our packages in the mail. I so enjoy the giving but I'm just not always so timely about it. I'm trying very hard this year to pace myself.