Friday, October 30, 2009

The Character Parade

Today, Andrew and Christian went to school as Fred and George Weasley, the identical twins in the Harry Potter Book series. This week was Red Ribbon Week--A Campaign against can learn more about that, HERE. Every day during Red Ribbon Week they do something fun. Today, the kids chose a favorite book and went as a character from that book. The boys were so excited about their costumes. They enjoy being The Tucker Twins but they couldn't wait to go on parade as the Weasley Twins.

I dressed Lucey up in her bunny costume that she will wear tomorrow night. It didn't take her long to understand the whole idea of dress up. She was the bunny from Pat The Bunny.

It was a very chilly morning. Lucey and I walked to the school since I knew parking would be limited. I was a little late thankfully....the older kids did not come out until the end. Andrew-Left, Christian-Right.

The school mascot, Torres, was dressed as Aslan from The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. He is the sweetest dog. The children light up when they see him.

Our fun morning quickly went south when Lucey fell face first into the pavement as she was walking to the stroller. She was bleeding right into the white bunny face (Spray and Wash worked wonders). I scooped her up and ran back into the school where the school nurse was standing. She jumped into action with her gloves and gauze. It took awhile for the bleeding to stop. Lucey was crying so hard that the blood was pooling in her mouth. A Popsicle finally made her calm dawn and the bleeding to stop. Poor thing had a fat lip for Halloween. Her lip looked much worse on the inside where her teeth punctured her lip. I felt so bad for her. She does get off balance easily and I try to hold her hand when we are about and about. I was in a hurry and let her walk on her own. Live and learn.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

To Florida and Back

On October 18th I flew to Tampa, FL for 4 days to meet Ron at the USAREC Leadership Training Conference. Nana and Papa came to watch the kids. I organized for a week so Mom and Dad wouldn't feel too overwhelmed by our crazy schedule. It was a busy time for them but they all managed very well. Lucey was attached to my Mom and felt very comfortable with Nana taking care of her. Thank you Jesus for the answered prayers. Thank you so much Mom and Dad---Ron and I appreciated the time away and knowing the kiddo were in safe hands.

Tampa is a beautiful city. Ron and I had time to ourselves the first night. He took me to a spectacular seafood place where we ate wild salmon and huge, hand picked scallops. They were sauteed to perfection. After the first night....we had a very busy schedule. It was worth all the hard work getting there. I had a busy pace but it was nice to not have to worry about anyone but me.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dinner At The O'Connell's

What a treat to spend the evening with my Auntie M, Uncle Paul, Cousins Paul and Chris and their beautiful families.

We had delicious food and great fellowship --"Uncle Paul, I need to get your garlic potato recipe from you!"

I saw my cousins quite a bit when I was growing up. Now that we all have families and we move around so much, I don't get to see them as often. What a great time we had.

"Aunt Marianne, you still look beautiful even with your eyes's a great picture." :-)

My Cousin Paul and his wife Stephanie gave Lucey wonderful gifts. Our favorite-- A Mel*ssa and D*ug puzzle and a sweet book....I'm not going to write the author's name...I'll mispell that for certain. It's one we love! Thank you so much! A child can't have enough puzzles and books especially if your name happens to be Lucey.

We have to have that group shot with the kiddos....they grow up so fast. Paul's daughter was so good with Lucey and entertained her the entire time. Their son and our twins are close in age so they had a great time talking and catching up. Paul--your kids are wonderful!
I'm really trying to be sensitive to anyone not comfortable with having their names and faces posted on our blog. I totally understand. "Chris, we really enjoyed visiting with you and Emily. Adam especially had a great time catching up....BTW what were you three whispering about any way?" Just kidding. ;-)
Let's get together again soon!
PS. Happy Birthday Jennifer! We toasted you and Grandpa Orlando this evening!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

M.I.Z --- Z.O.U!

Ron and Andrew spent this evening in Columbia to see a Mizzou game together. Last month Christian saw Illinois play Mizzou in St. Louis with Ron. A few weeks ago Adam went to a Chief's game with's Andrew's turn. They had VIP seating too. Even though Mizzou lost, Andrew called me and told me what fun he was having. Ron's job is so busy; he is really trying to steal time away with each of us.

Andrew is ready with book in hand.

This was work for Ron--that's why he is wearing the uniform. It's still fun getting to rub elbows with the Mizzou organization.

"Have Fun!"

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Soccer...

Soccer season is coming to an end. I think there are three more weeks of games left. It's been a tough season for Adam's team. They continue to play hard but I know deep down they are ready for it to come to an end.

A random shot; Adam is somewhere out on the field--in white. I'm hoping for a zoom lens for Christmas...just in case a certain someone is reading this blog. Craig, you may want to give Ron a little help with this one.

It was a chilly, crisp day. Lucey brings her books everywhere. Okay, soccer and astronomy. Whatever, it doesn't matter, she loves all books.

Time to run.

I recently heard someone describe an angled bob haircut as "soccer mom hair" is this true? Is that me? That's my age, it just doesn't matter what people think.

This is what matters...being here supporting Adam and and having my kids close to me.

Lucey is a Daddy's girl.

I'm sitting here contemplating a few things so I'm just going to put it out there....
We can watch our kids in any activity and truly enjoy it because they belong to us and we are proud of them. Our kids have never been the "star" of anything they have done. They just give what ever they are doing their best shot. That's all we ask of them. I have heard parents complain that they were bored watching their kids and that they would rather be somewhere else than at that certain that I have kids of my own, I just can't relate to that at all. Our boys have been in concerts, plays and have played sports-- even the little things like giving the daily announcements at school....I love being there...I love cheering them on. It's a privilege. Since most of you blog about your families, I know you can relate.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

No More Air Drums

Well, there are still air drums....there will always be air drums.....someone is always bopping through the house pretending to play the drums. Thanks to Jay, they can go to the basement and play real drums....I'm thinking I like the air drums better. :-) Seriously....thank you so much, Jay, for the generous gift. Ron brought them home from St. Louis after a business trip this past weekend.

Adam thinks he is unloading Ron's bags.....

Unbelievable!!! Adam is so excited!

"Let's unpack so I can start playing!"

Thank you again, Jay. Ron enjoyed his visit with you.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lucey Lu Loves the Tube

Actually, Lucey was not interested in the television until just recently. She knows Elm* from her diaper. I turned on Ses*me Street and she saw Elm* and the rest is history. Her language has blossomed and she is counting and learning her colors and does well. Lucey talks non-stop.

Today, we are staying in...Lucey lounges.

Oh, a show. She says, "Lucey show."

It's Cliff*rd....

T-Bone is laying down....Lucey does the same. She is a silly girl. She is so much fun and so sweet.