Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Quiet New Year's Eve

We had planned a progressive dinner party with our neighbors for this evening but one family has been struggling with the stomach flu this past week. We decided to post pone which was fine. With our whirl wind trip to Kansas City....we were all okay to once again snuggle in together for a quiet evening.

We have been promising Adam a trip to Mount Scott and lunch at Meers....voted by Bon Appetit Magazine, Food Network, Travelocity, and numerous other groups as one of the best hamburgers in America. They use lean, grass fed beef. I agree....a terrific hamburger. That's what we did this afternoon. The building is old, has a lot of history....

We had to wait in a bit of a line. Similar to waiting for a ride at a theme park. The line wrapped around the "store" on an uneven floor. Very charming. ;-)

We didn't have to wait to long. It was all worth it. Adam thoroughly enjoyed his 1/2 pound burger and fried pickles.

Lucey passed out on our way up the mountain.

The day was beautiful, sunny and 75 degrees. The sunset was pretty....but, as we arrived at the top of Mount Scott the wind was gusting. The car was shaking like I have never felt before. I decided to stay in the car with the sleeping beauty. The guys got out but stayed away from the edge. I was happy about that. Then one of the tourist's motorcycles blew over. His helmet, gloves and glasses went flying over the edge of the mountain. It took three big guys to pick up his bike. I felt so bad for him. In town the wind has been gusting to 45 MPH....I'm sure it was stronger at the peak. Lucey would have been blown away. I'm so glad we stayed put. The guys only lasted 5 minutes or so and we headed home.

We watched Winnie The Pooh with Lucey and enjoyed Key Lime Pie. Then a kiss for Daddy and a Happy New Year wish and off to bed. With Lucey in bed we are enjoying a show, Sherlock, a modern day Sherlock Holmes. This British series aired on the BBC in 2010. It is clever and keeping us entertained. The second set of 3 is scheduled to premier tomorrow. We can't wait!

So with that....I hope you are having a wonderful New Year's Eve with the ones you love.

Happy 2012!!

See you next year!

Friday, December 30, 2011

To Great-Grandma's House We Go~

On Tuesday, December 27th we packed up the car and traveled to my Grandma T's place. Adam wanted to see her before he heads back to Georgia and with 2012 being a busy year for us; he knew this was a good time. It was a 7 hour drive.

We drove straight to Grandma's....

I sent Adam in first.....she studied him for a moment and then said, "Adam, is that you?" She was very delighted to see him. She even gave him a salute. That was cute. We all piled into her room. It was one of our best visits ever. Her sense of humor really came out.

It's truly hard to believe she will be 99 in the summer of 2012. She certainly does not look it. She is easy to talk with and hears very well. Isn't that wonderful.

We had a reservation at a very nice hotel with a great pool. We met up with our dear friends....the boys played and Lucey sat on the pool steps playing with her water toys. I was not thinking and did not take any pictures of Miss Lu, the bathing beauty. ;-)

The final day we were there we ate, shopped and went ice skating. I thought this Ginger Bread Village was adorable. Lucey adored it and then reminded me that we did not make a ginger bread house this year...oops....she remembered. I do feel bad I failed her. I dropped the ball quite a few times this Christmas. I just couldn't squeeze every thing in. But the things that mattered most I payed close attention family....a lot of time snuggling in together and just being.

I love this picture of Lucey. She looks so pretty, so grown up. She is for certain...growing up.

Then to the ice terrace....

It had been forever since I had been up on skates. This was Lucey's first time and first time for Andrew and Christian. Lucey skated with a big smile 95% of the time. Holding Lucey up was a huge work out. Thankfully my sweet friend took turns with me and we shared in skating with Lucey. Lucey improved as we went along. I must take her again.

This picture shows her sad face. The 5% of the time with the missing big smile. The boys took her for a spin around the rink and Andrew accidentally grabbed her hair and didn't realize it. She really cried. We sat down, regrouped and she was ready to glide again.

Christian...he did very well.

Andrew was excellent on his skates.

The boys skated for a little longer while Lucey, myself and my sweet friend went to play in the little Christmas village.

It was a beautiful day and the fountains were on.

Adam met up with his buddies from High School....all home from college for Christmas break. He had a fantastic reunion. Ron and the husband of my sweet friend....were hanging out together catching up.

Our friends are a blessing...a blessed time spent together...a great way to cap off our year.

Monday, December 26, 2011

A Blessed Christmas

As we celebrated the birth of Christ--we rejoiced--together! John 3:16...."For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." The gift of all gifts.

We counted our blessings. We have so much to be thankful for. Our little family of six. Together. Our first Christmas in this home and our last Christmas in this home. Adam--home! Lucey's 3rd Christmas with us....her forever family. It's hard to believe she has been with us this long but on the same note it's impossible to imagine life with out her.

Lucey is ready for Christmas Eve Candlelight service.

My Troops! My Loves! All together. It's so amazing!

I really need a tri-pod. This was my attempt at a family picture. Camera, propped. Not so bad except that I look larger than the entire family. :-)

Lucey fell asleep during the worship. The choir sang beautiful. She went fast asleep.

I always make homemade soup for Christmas Eve. We enjoyed a nice meal together.

A random shot of 3/4 of the Troops.

Christmas Eve tradition is for the kids to exchange their gifts with one another. They get so excited over this. They spent time picking out the perfect gift. I usually give them their jamies on this night as well.

Waiting patiently on the steps to see what Santa brought. (we do Santa--kind of. We don't make a big deal over it...she was not really into it so much...but went with the flow.)

She asked Santa for a Light Saber. She couldn't think of anything else. I could see her wheels turning while sitting on Santa's lap. She doesn't watch TV with comercials and we rarely go down the toy aisle. She just had not idea what was out there. She remembered a light saber for some we got her one.

Making her brothers proud!!

Time for stockings.

Lucey making cookies with Daddy. Yes, Christmas morning.

Having our breakfast as we open gifts. My boys loves this tradition. Well, anything with food is at the top of their list!

Christmas morning with my honey! Watching our children and feeling amazed---they are our gifts.

We are on our way to Kansas City this to run....

Have a beautiful week!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Shoe Bling

Lucey can be described as a dainty little girl...but, for some reason, she can really wear out her shoes. She was in need of a new pair and Stride Rite was having a sale. Lucey's feet are very narrow so the Velcro closure kind of shoe does not always stay on her foot. This time I talked her into these....their version of the Converse. She made it quite clear that they were not girly enough for her. She is something else! The lady showed us some "shoe bling"...these little felt flowers with a touch of sparkle. They slide on to the shoelace. Very cute. 75cent flower decor for tennis shoes change her whole outlook and I got in on a great sale!

Some packages have arrived in the mail. Lucey can't wait!!

I randomly took this picture of Andrew practicing his new piece of music. My camera was acting up and I was concerned about it so I took some shots. The picture is not bad...I guess my camera is okay.? I hope!

We are having so much fun with Adam...we are off to an eye appointment. Adam needs new glasses. We need to take care of these things before he leaves in January. It's a blessing to have him home and to be able to take care of him even though he is more than capable of caring for himself. I love it!

I hope your day is a fun one too....reaching around and hugging your loved ones and holding on tight.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our Adam is Home!

Sunday evening, December 18th...our first born came home.

Andrew took over the camera and took some excellent pictures. All I wanted to do is throw my arms around my baby who has turned into an amazing young man. This Mommy (he still calls me Mommy and I love it) has missed him so.

Christian's turn....

and Lucey....who had been in a deep sleep....who has been talking about her big brother for months....who has been drawing him pictures and singing "Adam songs"....had the biggest melt down. She cried! Adam was so very patient with her.

Lucey struggled. The next day and every day since, she has been glued to Adam. They have had some wonderful tea parties, playing Princess and Prince with her castle, reading and doing puzzles. I asked her, "Why were you crying?" She said...."Because I was so happy." I don't think she really remembers the night Adam came home.

My sweet boy. It was almost 11:00 p.m. and I felt like I could run 5 miles.

We have had the best 4 days....we look forward to the next 2 weeks with Adam. It has been a very Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Merry Weekend!

Can you guess where we went this weekend? (Saturday, Dec. 17)

The Nutcracker Ballet!

What a wonderful take my sweet girl to the ballet. Five Moms along with 6 daughters enjoyed a day in Oklahoma City....The Oklahoma Ballet with the Oklahoma City Philharmonic put on a spectacular presentation. Lucey was mesmerized.

Here is our group minus one Mom and Daughter who went up to the city before us to do a little shopping. We had a beautiful, sunny, mild day. As you can see by our squinting.

The older girls took very good care of Lucey as we walked around and enjoyed the pre-show activities. The girls met Mrs. Claus, made an ornament, shopped for delightful snow globes etc...

Here we are ready for the show to begin. We had fantastic seats. Center and only about 12 rows up from the Orchestra Pit.

We met the beautiful ballerinas after the show. We were served milk and cookies too.

Today, Andrew and Christian played in the hand bell choir for our church service. It was lovely. After church, the Chaplains invited everyone over to the Patriot Club for a buffet brunch/lunch. It was quite the spread. There was a special guest....

This Santa was amazing. He wore a lovely coat and had a pipe too. He was very sweet with Lucey. This is the first year Lucey has not been afraid.

The Troops...very full and very happy. Minus Adam....who Arrives Tonight!!!! The day we have all been waiting for! Our first born comes home tonight. We can hardly wait!