Friday, September 30, 2011

Sparkles and Bows

Sparkles and bows....a girl after my own heart. God created me very much a girlie girl. God gave me a daughter who, if possible, is more of a girlie girl than I.

Lucey was very much in need of a new pair of tennis shoes. Her poor little toes were pushed to the very end of the ones she has been wearing for the past 4 months. I was looking at the K*ds; white Maryjane's. Simple. Lucey had other ideas. She picked out these S.R. "fancy" pair. I tried to steer her towards the ones I was looking at for her but she kept talking about the ones with sparkles. She kept talking I gave in. This was the first time she had such a strong opinion about something she wanted to wear. I do think they are cute.

I spotted the grown-up version out of the corner of my eye....

We both walked out with our bags of sparkles and bows.

A Mother-Daughter moment for sure. Shoe shopping. There will be plenty more to come.

(There seems to be a shoe pattern with Lucey...two shoe posts in a row)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


After Lucey's speech evaluation yesterday, we stopped into Tuesd*y M*rnings to look around. I rarely go shopping. I love to shop but there is so very little time and I have to drive quite a distance to shop at the stores I love. We do have the store I just mentioned above. I'm looking for bedding for Andrew's room. They had nothing in that department but they did have, at a very low cost, these "glass" slippers. Lucey was so excited and I just couldn't help but buy them for her. She loves to play dress-up and she uses her imagination to create a sweet little world for herself. She also asked in the most polite way and I couldn't resist.

I also bought her three puzzles. She loves puzzles and so do I. They were also very reasonable--to be honest---cheap!

This morning she had fun being a princess and we put together one of her new puzzles. I sat with her but she really does not need me for a puzzle this size. I was enjoying watching her figure it all out.

I had a few things on my calendar this morning and decided to clear them off. I came back from our trip exhausted and 4 weeks behind on all that needs to happen around here. {Just to recap the last 4 + weeks....Lucey's pain which stopped production around here, my parents visit, my trip to St. Louis for surgery and then our trip to Adam's graduation} then caught a cold. I was feeling very under the weather over the weekend. Today I feel much better! Yippee!

Cinderella for me looks more like this.....

I'm actually very excited about getting things around here back to's not clean here. I also need to organize. Papers are include Lucey's speech eval. from yesterday....the papers just keep stacking up. I have a few prescriptions that need to be filled. Yikes! Important stuff like that just slipping through my disorganized cracks. And there is more that I won't bore you with. Sometimes I become paralyzed when I look around and see all that needs to be done. I know, that sounds ridiculous.

I'm clinging to this today....

Josh 1:9............ "Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed,
for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go."

My Boy Scouts

Andrew and Christian are fully committed this year to their Boy Scout troop. It's a small troop (about 16 boys) which can be an advantage. It's organized, they can get their work done in a timely manner because there is less chaos and the scout master has more time with each individual boy ( a little encouragement). Ron has more time this year to partner with the boys. They love having their dad along! Last weekend the three of them headed out for a two day camping trip with the scouts.

Christian-left and Andrew-right.

Andrew is a Chaplain's aide. He is so enthusiastic about praying with the troop. Warms my heart.

They are never really thrilled with me and my camera but recording these events are so important to me. They were not cooperating so I started saying ridiculous, silly things. I don't dare to share on here....Ron missed it, as you can see... smiling away. (Ron was just fitted for hearing aids. I'll share more on that when he finally gets them. Briefly, his hearing loss is due to his 30 years in the military and the jobs he had.) looking at me like I have lost my mind. Christian is trying not to bust out laughing.... I'm usually very "lady like" if you will.... This photo sure beats the ones before it. They looked like they were in so much pain.

They had a great time camping. Ron bought our family a tent and is ready to jump back out into the woods. I have never camped* in a tent* in my life. Not even as a Girl Scout. I'm game. I'll give it a go. I'll take one for the team to enjoy time with my guys.

Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm excited about my new look~

I was feeling like the ugly duckling in the pond....

...Now I'm swimming with the swans.

I have long admired the beautiful blogs I visit and the beautiful stories that are shared. What a blessing that I found this blog....a lovely, sweet family on their journey to adoption. She told me about this talented blog designer, Jen,who also has an amazing family and they are about ready to travel to bring their precious son home from China. Jen is working on a big fundraiser. Designing 100 Blogs in 30 days. Click here for more information...there is still a few days left to get in on this wonderful opportunity.

A note to Jen~ I love my new look, thank you!

Thank you to my friends who offered to help me! I really appreciate your generous offers.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Singing in The Sun

A beautiful sunny day in September...

This month was chaotic and at times I just wanted to sit down in the middle of the mess and cry. It's pictures like this that remind me of all the good things....Lucey dancing through the sprinkler singing her "I miss Adam songs..." Lucey, pain free and singing again. Thank you, Jesus....for your love and care and handling the messies for me.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Happy Smile

I posted this photo first, the morning after her surgery. All smiles. Lucey and I spent the day together shopping and playing. Lucey had a great nights sleep. No pain meds and felt great. I have been praising God for her quick recovery. No more pain and boy did she eat this day. I took her to The Olive Garden where she inhaled a bowl of pasta.

I took this fuzzy picture with my phone.

The rest of the pictures were taken with an old point and shoot. I just didn't want to lug extra baggage on to the train. As it was, I struggled with the little I had with me.

Packed up and ready to go to the hospital.

My parents were visiting us in Oklahoma for the Labor Day Weekend. Lucey and I rode back to St. Louis with them. Lucey's surgery was at St. Louis Children's Hospital. I'm so grateful they could get us in sooner than the planned October 19th date.

Lu was a little concerned about what was going to happen. The staff at St. Louis Children's Hospital made her feel comfortable very quickly.

She let me help her into her scrubs and we tucked her in for what became a long wait. Lucey's last meal was completed at 6:00 a.m. and she was not wheeled to surgery until 3:00. She struggled a little towards the end. The television was a huge distraction. (I also gave her piggy back rides and we played in the waiting area.)

She chose bubble gum flavored medicine for her mask. She was really enjoying this scent. She chose bubble gum but she has never had a piece of gum in her life. I guess it sounded fun.

I was told that Lucey came out of surgery, was awakened and then she let everyone know that she wanted to sleep. She came to us looking so peaceful, angelic. This was a very different scenario from her experience last summer. She was very agitated coming out of anesthetic last year and then became sick to her stomach. I was prepared for that but she never had a problem. Another praise was that the anesthesiologist was very familiar with the difficulty in intubating Lucey last year (Lucey has a challenging airway). So he used a fiberoptic scope and was able to intubate her on the first try. Which also made the recovery much easier. She never seemed to have a sore throat.

Lucey slept for an hour. She woke up and asked for that Popsicle. She chose grape.

My Dad drove us to the hospital and stayed with us for the day. Lucey was very happy to have a little snuggle time with her Papa.

My dear friend, Katie, also came and was such a huge support to me. Thank you, Katie....for the coffee, for the sandwich and also for the "Lucey Sandwich" know what I mean! That was so sweet and so very helpful!

We took the train home. 17 hours. It was fairly pleasant. Lucey slept well....I did not. We snuggled all night and that I loved.

We loved the lounge car where we could spread out our Polly Pockets and play. The view was really nice.

Ron picked us up in Dallas.....what a fantastic sight for my weary eyes. I was never so happy to be with him and to be heading home to the boys minus Adam.

Thank you for praying for us. The surgery could not have gone any smoother. Two root canals, two crowns and two fillings. I was expecting more damage. The surgeon was wonderful and positive. Lucey now has some silver bling in her mouth.

In 3 days we board a plane (all 5 of us) to South Carolina for Adam's Basic Training Graduation. Stay tuned. I am prepared with tissue. I can't wait to give my tall guy a huge hug!!! I last hugged him on July 5th. Over two months ago. That's way too long for this Mom. My Children mean everything to me. I'm so proud of Adam. But I still miss him more than words can express.