Monday, July 28, 2008

The Boys of Summer

The boys keep us very busy. Our summer has been fun and active. That's what you get when you have a bunch of boys. I love it!

Even though it's been an easy going summer, I have set up a few parameters. I have a calendar/chore chart for the boys that they follow each day. We also have some type of education going on. The boys have been reviewing their math, writing, reading and practicing their instruments. There is some apprehension in the kitchen so...each Thursday one of the boys decides on a dinner menu and I help them make the meal from start to finish. It's been fun spending time with each one in the kitchen. On a side note: Before we begin, I practice some deep breathing exercises and rehearse the line, "I'm a patient person."

Andrew sauteing garlic and onions.

Andrew learning to use a sharp knife. I was using my deep breathing techniques through this lesson. I have sharp knives by this company here (just click on the link) J.A Henckels International.

Christian really enjoyed reading one of my cookbooks and decided on his beef brisket meal all on his own. He must be related to his Aunt Bunny, Veronique, (she is really like a sister to me, I've known her for 20 years...I miss you!) who is an awesome french chef and loves to read cookbooks too.

Christian is putting the crust in the pie plate.

One of many basketball games in the driveway.

Every boy of a Soldier will have a course in land navigation. Ron is teaching the boys how to use a compass and getting ready to go on a course that he set up in the neighborhood. This was a little more than just a scavenger hunt. They learned how to set their pace and walk it out in meters. Adam had a few guys spend the night and they had a great time.

There seems to be a theme with boys and that would be "battle." Andrew, Christian and Travis playing a battle game that Travis brought over on a hot afternoon. Travis has to be one of the nicest boys I have met. The battle was very quiet and quite "gentlemenish".

Andrew and his battle. He loves playing with his Papo figurines. Click here to learn more. Papo.

Somerset Boys---They had a great game of tag on a beautiful day at the park.

My first attempt to add a video. I hope this works.
I hope you are having a fun and blessed summer too.