Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blessings From Others

So many blessings being poured upon our family. We have been receiving beautiful gifts since last year. Although we feel completely grateful for receiving the gifts, it's not an expectation that we have. Since this is our family journal and Lucey's journal...I know she will want to know all about her journey home. To see pictures of the sweet things that others have sent to her. The prayers poured upon her by others. The love that brought her to us. Those material things that became a part of her life.

My Mom, Nana, bought Lucey's car seat for her. What a wonderful gift. I really researched and found this one based on safety ratings, being able to face rear up to 35 pounds and cost. Thank you Mom--she will be using this for a long time. Hopefully she will gain strength and weight and we will be able to turn her around and face her forward some time this year.

My long time friend--from 28 years ago--Who I have kept in touch with via snail mail and phone calls all these years --who I talk to almost everyday as we support each other through love and prayers--Jeanne--bought this thoughtful gift. A Life Book for adopted children. She knew exactly what we needed because she and her husband have adopted two kiddos of their own. It's so comprehensive. I have never seen anything like this. My goal is to work on it this week. Now that Ron is home, I have a little more time. There are two of us to run Tucker Taxi Service. Ron is doing the dishes as I type. nice to have my love and my helper back.

Jeanne bought these extra great is that?! Did you see the one at the top of the second picture? "My first PCS." Permanent Change of Station. At the end of this month, Lucey will be experiencing this as we make our move across the state. It's exciting yet, a lot of work to move a family of 6 plus one very cute dog. Thanks Jeanne!!!

Thank you Katie, the sweet floral dress will be perfect for next year and look at that...a matching dress for her baby. Ron actually thought that the dress was for me and the baby dress was for Lucey....okay, that's hilarious. I know I'm a small person but really....Ron, you crack me up. I love the pink bathing suit and cover up. Every girl needs a nice cover up.

Shea-Shea, Thank you for the beautiful V*ra Bradley bag, Vera Bradley jewelry box and toile "holder" Right now it's holding tissue. Shea sent a huge box of so much....I'll have to catch up later with photos. Shea, you spoiled us girls.

Katie met me at T*ys R *s. I thought we were meeting there to hand over a kid....but she met me in the store and surprised me with purchasing Lucey's mattress and cover. Thank you Jim, Katie and Ben for such a generous gift. We prayed over the mattress and voile....Lucey feels so cozy in there that she has slept through the night from day two. I love the S*rta cute.

This is actually not Lucey's crib....we had quite the crib saga of epic proportion. This crib was damaged and then recalled and so on. It's such a long story...I don't have the energy to even explain it. All that matters is that Lucey has a beautiful crib now that we only paid a small amount for because of the company messing up.
OOPS: I made a mistake...I took this picture after the first crib left. This is Lucey's crib. Well, you get the idea...we had crib trouble.

The cover....

Lucey's crib--the one we finally ended up with and one I didn't choose. When I opened the box I realized they had sent the wrong crib and I said, "The heck with it..." I put it together anyway. After two months I was tired of dealing with the crib issue. I actually love it!!

My Dear, Sweet Friend, Jilly--Lucey's first piece of jewelry. What a sweet and thoughtful gift. Thank you!! It's so tiny. I wondered how it was ever going to fit Lucey. Well guess what? Lucey is even tinier. We try it on a lot while we are getting dressed in the morning. It's something she will have to grow into though. Something to look forward to. Lucey can't wait! So for now, she is wearing her plastic bracelets. ;-) Jill has three handsome boys and husband who is getting ready to deploy. Please pray for Jill's husband, Brian....for safety, for absolute protection as he leads his Battalion into harms way. For Jill and the boys...for peace and for rest in the Lord's arms. For protection over them. For some reason, when the men deploy, things tend to break down. I know this first hand. We had a broken arm, two water leaks, a staff infection and some people around us who were toxic to us and it created unnecessary stress. So please pray that Jill and her boys will be protected and that everyone around them will be supportive and loving. Jilly, I'm praying for you...I love you!!! Call me if you need anything!!!

I've know Katherine for almost 18 years. She was just a young girl when we met ;-) She has many of them is making beautiful blankets. She has made blankets for my boys...she made Adam's 16 years ago. Thank you so much for this beautiful blanket you made for Lucey Lu. It's absolutely gorgeous. It's so soft and so elegant. She loves it!!!

Last year with a little reluctance, we retired the boys blankets that Katherine made to their memory boxes. I just wanted to show you how much we treasure them. Oh how they were missed. I miss them too...they were such a part of them for so long. They were loved. I hope you and the girls come visit soon!
Thank you again to all of you....for all of your continued support and prayers. I treasure each and every person who is a part of us.
With Love,

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lucey Had A "Play Date"....

.....with developmental therapy. Through Early Intervention, Lucey Lu qualified for developmental and speech therapy. A sweet lady came to our home to "play" with Lucey...she brought two huge bags of toys. Puzzles, doll house people, and books to name a few. She did a lot of roll playing and she used sign language the entire time. She explained to me that sign language helps to stimulate the language center of the brain. It also helps to lessen the frustration for Lucey when she wants to communicate a need to us. That all sounded great until we went to Children's Hospital and met with the speech therapist there. She told me that there is absolutely no proof that this is true. She explained that this was a trendy idea and that we want Lucey to learn the English language so why teach her something that we will want her to drop. She can understand if we want to learn it as a skill but right now it's English that's most important. Wow---another great point. So now what? I am definitely not one to jump on trends. It's easy to see that in the way I dress and the way I educate my children....we are all about classic education here. I was having fun with teaching Lucey sign language. My sister uses sign language at's beautiful. I wished I had learned sign language a long time ago. I think we will use what we need but also really work on Lucey's verbal communication. I'm not going to get caught up in either strong opinion. We will do what's best for Lucey. Now that's a peaceful feeling.

Random Photos:

Christian decided to take Lucey out to play. Now that's a load!

"I'm ready for gymnastics...Mommy and Me class at the YMCA."

"I'd better practice a little before we go."

"Do you think Max would mind if I took him for his walk?"

"While Andrew and Christian are taking their piano lessons, I'm watching Ben and Adam play Rock Band. I don't know why they won't let me try?"

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy 16th Adam!

My baby is 16 today. Can it be true? Where do the years go? Adam, Daddy and I are so proud of the boy you have been and the man you have become. You are so kind to others, confident, comfortable being you, you are a team player, you have a great sense of humor, you are smart, you are very respectful of love The Lord. We are so blessed The Lord trusted us to care for you. What an honor.

Adam's last performance of Oklahoma was today. He came home to a small party with family and the Hanley's who are like family.

Lighting the 16 candles.

Did you make a wish?

The Hanley family with Adam.

Aunt Jennifer, Adam and Uncle Rob.

Adam and Ben.

Nana, Adam and Papa.
Wishing you a year of many blessings!!! I love you Adam!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


We went to this evenings performance of Oklahoma. Ron is still gone so I bathed Lucey and put her in her "lounge wear" and packed everyone up and off we went. Adam did not try out for the play. Several weeks into rehearsal, the cast was short cowboys. Several teachers approached Adam about being one of the cowboys. After some thought, Adam stepped outside his comfort zone and became part of the cast. I was so impressed with the production. They had a live orchestra made up of some adults and some students. I enjoy all music by Rodgers and Hammersteins and this was absolutely delightful. For such a small school they gave a huge performance.

We are waiting for the lights to dim. Lucey is confined to her stroller with some drinks and snacks on hand.

Adam is the cowboy in black. The sheriff-- So Adam!

Adam looks on at the marriage scene.

Take a bow Adam.

Adam and his posse in the receiving line.
What a fun night!!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Fishing Is A High School Sport If You Live In Illinois

Yes, you read that correctly. Adam's High School math teacher was thrilled to put a team together and Adam was chosen as one of the 6 kids representing his school. Adam's school is small and all of the kids have to participate in order to be competetive. I am proud of Adam for being a team player. He was thrilled to participate on the fishing team. I had no idea that he was going to be part of Illinois history. He had to be at school by 6:00 a.m. this an early morning for us. I picked him up from school at 5:00 p.m. He came home, showered and then back to school for opening night of Oklahoma!!! Busy guy! Adam caught the largest bass for his team. Go Adam!

If you want to read more about this new High School sport go here.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nana Stays a Few Nights

Nana came and stayed with us for a few days. It was a good time since Ron was gone. It was an incredibly busy week with all of Adam's activites too. I was running around from 7:15 a.m. until 10:15 p.m. that week. Lucey had an appointment today with the International Adoption Clinic at Children's Hospital. Lucey did well! She had a CT scan with out sedation too. She was incredible. We were told that it most likely would not work because she needed to be completely still. It was worth the shot since we live fairly close and could come back if needed. She looked a little worried but I was there and she trusts me. It's an amazing feeling. The bonding that is taking place between us. The CT scan was a success. I'll get back to the results of that in an upcoming post on May 1. Lucey had her TB test too which was negative. She was completely relaxed at her appointment. So happy!

Sitting on Nana's lap as we wait for the Doctor to come in.

Andrew and Christian brought along their home work and worked a little in their books while waiting for us. they also played some video games in the waiting room. I took everyone to the zoo after the appointment. It was a beautiful day.

Nana was holding Max and I think a little someone got jealous.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Pink Car

Thanks to the Butler Family...Lucey has her first ride on toy...The Bobby Car (Click to read more about the car--It's made in Germany and it's therapeutic...great for Lucey who has some muscle weakness.) It took Lucey all of 10 min. to get the hang of driving. She loves it!

"WEEE so much fun!"

" Look at me!!!"

"I've got my purse and my bows...ready to go!"

"Let's take a drive outside.

"Thank you Aunt Bunny and Uncle Kevin...I love my car!"

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Visit With Nana and Papa

April 4, 2009

While Ron was in Indiana, Nana and Papa came over to meet Lucey for the second time (not including meeting her at the airport). I was preparing to leave for our trip to Branson the next day so Mom brought the entire meal to us. What a treat that was for me. It was a delicious meal, one of her specialties and one my boys love. Thank you Mom!!

Sitting on Papa's lap.

Playing with Nana's camera.

What a difference a few weeks make. Lucey was much more comfortable with Nana and Papa and reached out for my Mom and Dad for the first time. She even gave "huggies" to them before they left.

A few More Random Pictures and Life With Lucey Lu:

Lucey is so fortunate to have three attentive, loving big brothers. Andrew decided to take Lucey for a walk (on his own). He put her shoes on for her.

Andrew even made sure she had her panda purse. So sweet.

Christian is my creative guy. He always finds fun things to do with Lucey. Here they are going for a ride on the skateboard in the garage. She loves the skateboard! Christian was the guy dragging her around on the blanket a few weeks earlier.

Lucey and her baby. She really wanted her baby to have the same bow in her hair as she is wearing.

Having some quiet time...this doesn't happen all that often. The boys must be busy doing their school work. No one to play with. This is good.

Snack time...For the first several weeks, Lucey wanted to spend all day in her highchair. She would lay across her tray crying for me to keep her in. One day I decided to leave out a bowl of snacks and wow---she has not had that incredible need to be in her highchair. I know she was worried about getting more food. Many adoptive children have food issues. I feel quite sure that she is now trusting that she will get more food when she needs it. Big Steps!

She still loves her highchair. She fell fast asleep during lunch.

She smiles a lot but.....she is normal and she will throw a fit if she can't communicate what she needs.

This is what she needed....she needs her naps.

Lucey is very comfortable here at our home. Yesterday, she had been home for 6 weeks already. What a quick six weeks it has been. She just loves her crib and takes a very good nap during the day and has absolutely no trouble sleeping at night. The last two nights I have not sat in her room as she has fallen asleep. I do leave the door open and I do tell her that I will be right back (as I'm usually straightening up and she can hear the boys showering and me talking to them etc...) I keep checking on her and she is just fine. It makes me feel so good that she feels safe here. She pointed to a picture of me a few days ago and said, "Mama." Her language is coming along--she's trying to imitate everything we say. I'm quite sure she has gained weight and she is growing. She is thriving!