Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lucey Had A "Play Date"....

.....with developmental therapy. Through Early Intervention, Lucey Lu qualified for developmental and speech therapy. A sweet lady came to our home to "play" with Lucey...she brought two huge bags of toys. Puzzles, doll house people, and books to name a few. She did a lot of roll playing and she used sign language the entire time. She explained to me that sign language helps to stimulate the language center of the brain. It also helps to lessen the frustration for Lucey when she wants to communicate a need to us. That all sounded great until we went to Children's Hospital and met with the speech therapist there. She told me that there is absolutely no proof that this is true. She explained that this was a trendy idea and that we want Lucey to learn the English language so why teach her something that we will want her to drop. She can understand if we want to learn it as a skill but right now it's English that's most important. Wow---another great point. So now what? I am definitely not one to jump on trends. It's easy to see that in the way I dress and the way I educate my children....we are all about classic education here. I was having fun with teaching Lucey sign language. My sister uses sign language at's beautiful. I wished I had learned sign language a long time ago. I think we will use what we need but also really work on Lucey's verbal communication. I'm not going to get caught up in either strong opinion. We will do what's best for Lucey. Now that's a peaceful feeling.

Random Photos:

Christian decided to take Lucey out to play. Now that's a load!

"I'm ready for gymnastics...Mommy and Me class at the YMCA."

"I'd better practice a little before we go."

"Do you think Max would mind if I took him for his walk?"

"While Andrew and Christian are taking their piano lessons, I'm watching Ben and Adam play Rock Band. I don't know why they won't let me try?"


  1. I've missed a lot of posts - and there are SO many good pictures. I hope all your medical evaluations bring good news. I know it can be so frustrating hearing different points of view when you're not sure about anything. I've had people tell me that I should be an expert at spina bifida by now, but the more I learn, the more I realize that I don't know much at all! Ruthie and Abby will be going to an orthopaedic clinic put on by the Shriners next Saturday. I am very excited to get a second opinion regarding Ruthie's poor little feet and legs. Can Lucey talk at all? You mentioned the controvesy regarding sign language, so I just wondered?... Your boys are such nice acting young men - I very much enjoy the pictures of them helping their little sister!

  2. Like Linda - I am catching up after a lot of time away. First, the leotard pictures are sooo adorable. She is such a cutie!

    As far as the sign language, we started using it and the English words at the same time as soon as we met Olivia. Just a few at first, and she probably used around 15-20 before she dropped them as she started talking some. Once in a great while she will still use one or two, but now it is rare. I do not feel like it hindered her ability to learn English at all, but it did give her a mechanism for communication while she was learning. I have a great baby sign language DVD that I would happily send to you if you are interested.

  3. just my opinion...and I'm not afraid to share it! hehee
    I think that what ever means of communication help the most at the moment are worth the time and effort. Walker did not speak until after 2 and then only "Walkonian" until nearly we used "Baby signs". He was happy that I finally understood what he wanted/needed, I was happy to have far less frustration/screaming/tantrums. As his verbal language developed, he naturally dropped the signs over time...I always spoke the words to him as we signed so it was just a matter of his body/mind maturing and developing over time (on his schedule, not some arbitrary idea in some book written by an "expert" who wasn't dealing with the unique situation in my house!!). listen to your inner mommy wisdom...the only regrets I have regarding my kids are due to ignoring that inner voice. :-)
    much love!


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