Sunday, October 31, 2010

Going To State!

The Ravens WON last Friday night! What a game that was! A real nail biter. The teams were evenly matched and fast paced. At the end of the two 40 min. halves....1-1. Overtime. They played two 10 minute halves and two 5 minute halves. Still, 1-1 with near misses by both teams. The crowd was going wild. I didn't want to see this happen but they went into penalty kicks- a shoot out--two rounds of agony. Each team member taking a turn and the fans getting emotional. Finally....The Ravens Scored one extra to win the Regional Championship. State bound!

The game starts--The Ravens in blue.

It was chilly but our girl, once again, was a real trooper (we didn't get home until 11:15 p.m.)

Lizzie, a sophomore in high school, played with Lucey most of the game. They did a lot of drawing. We are thankful to this sweet girl and Lucey was in artistic heaven.

We had an extra with us....the other Andrew. The boys had such a great time together and were quite the cheerleaders.

We brought signs with us and the boys stood right on the edge of the field using loud voices hoping to make a difference.

Adam was sent out in the second half. It's hard to see him but he is the guy in the far back and center of the picture. We all went wild when we heard Adam's name announced. I did a double take. I have not shared much about Adam and what he has endure this soccer season and I have decided not to go into it here but I will say this....Adam stuck with it when most would have quit. I shed some tears over his situation and poured many prayers over Adam and the circumstances. I am in awe of Adam and his maturity and his endurance. He had courage and he gave it his all with respect to the adult who tried to break him down. We started looking at the situation through God's lenses and not our own. I have grown a lot through this experience. It's a lesson in

A picture of the team after they ran out to meet the guys who were in the shoot out. It ended in a dog pile.

The students and fans could hardly contain themselves from running out on to the field.

Ron had the camera (I had Lucey) and I forgot to set it for there is a little blur...but you can see Christian with his arms wrapped around Adam. Pandemonium on the field. It was great!
Tomorrow night...State play offs!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Senior Night

Last night was Senior Night...all Seniors who played a fall sport were recognized on the football field last night. I have to was emotional for me. We stood on the field meeting Adam on the 50 yard line as his name was announced. We hugged him and walked with him to the side line. We are so proud of Adam. He endured a lot this soccer season. He gave it his all, he gave his whole heart and he had a positive attitude. I was so proud to meet him on the 50 yard line. He gave me flowers and embraced me. I clung to his arm; I didn't want to let go. My baby. He is a senior and growing up fast.

Lucey goes everywhere with us. Andrew and Christian had their own events going on back at their school. Powder Puff. I sure would have liked pictures of that! Andrew dressed as a cheerleader with other football players. Christian was happy to sit in the stands and watch. I have a feeling when A and C get into high school they will have me running all over the place! ;-) Tears times two.

This is Pauline. She is one of the dorm prefects. She said to me, "We are so proud of our son."
I had to stop and think...what did she mean? She must have seen the odd look on my face. She clarified..."I love him like my own." "He is such a wonderful young man." I learned last night that the empty dorm room in the boys dorm has Adam's name on it. They love him so much there that they ask him to stay over. She complimented me on our parenting. The best compliment I could ever receive. I was taken back....humbled. That someone other than me could have such wonderful things to say about Adam. I give credit to Adam...he is just an amazing person. I'm happy to share him--kind of. :-)

Adam sat with us for a little bit. Really wanting to be with Lucey. His girl. His other girl, Lin, had to study. She couldn't be with us last night. We missed her.

Another great night for Lucey. It was cold and she kept herself busy. Those are her mittens on the bleacher. We tried to keep them on. Not so much.

The football team won! That makes two games this year. That means they have won two games in something like the past 6 years. I'm so happy for the senior football end their season with class.
Tonight, the second regional game for the soccer team. Adam is so excited. We are all going with signs and face paint for the boys! Whoo-hoo...

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Lucey was exhausted today. She is such a trooper, the little sister who cheers on all her brother at their events. On Tuesday night she was cheering for Adam and the Ravens at their regional soccer game. It's unbelievable that the Ravens made it to regionals. Last year they won one game. It was a chilly, late night and she did great. Today, she was cranky. I put her in this chair for a time-out--I came back to find her all curled up looking like a sweet angel.


Oh, and the Ravens won their game so they are playing again on Friday night under the university lights!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lucey News

Last week Lucey was fitted with a bone conduction hearing aide. I'll explain more about that next time. She is doing such a great job wearing it and she is telling me that it is helping her. It's wonderful! I'm amazed by her persistence; it's not a very comfortable device to wear. I'll go into more detail about that as well in my next post. I just wanted to show pictures today.

Lucey is playing while we wait in the reception area for Lisa, Lucey's audiologist.

Lisa is putting the device on Lucey. Lucey was very agreeable to this. We have been talking about it for awhile. She wasn't afraid or apprehensive.

That look....hearing for the first time from her right side. So precious! I can't believe I caught her surprise on camera. I may have to frame this one.

Lucey is getting her left ear checked after having the ear infection. All is well. Her ear is fine! Giving praise to the Lord for He is good.

I'll post again soon and share more about Lucey and her hearing aide. I also had a great weekend. I can't wait to share that too!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Latest Victim, Asian Cooking Class and Fall Decor

It's Lucey's turn. I'm so sad she is sick. She has been so healthy the last 18 months she has been with us. On Tuesday afternoon she felt so warm. I took her temperature and it was 103. Yesterday I took her to the pediatrician and she has the dreaded ear infection and bright red throat. With only one ear, her doctor decided to be aggressive and start her on an antibiotic. The first one that I'm aware of. I'm not a fan of antibiotics; I know they save lives but they are over prescribed. Lucey could have a viral infection, the doctor is not sure. Antibiotics can't distinguish between the good and bad bacteria....but, what if a secondary infection starts? What if her one ear drum bursts? So the pros out weight the cons right now.

She has been the best patient. When her fever spikes....she is down for the count. When her temp. is about 100....she is up and moving. She is having a little trouble hearing. :-(

She is watching her show.

Adam went to one class this morning and then school was canceled. There was a water problem in the town where he goes to school....The Department of Health and Environment issued a boil order for the city.
He called and asked if he good bring is adorable girlfriend home for the afternoon. Lin and Adam went grocery shopping and Lin gave Adam an Asian cooking lesson.

Lin didn't want to get her pretty sweater dirty so Adam let her borrow his Cardinal t-shirt. Our favorite team!

They are making dumplings...

They made a bunch to share with The Troops.

Lin is just beautiful, especially on the inside. So easy to talk to and so polite. Lin is a bording student from China and is helping Adam with his Chinese. Lucey adores her and Lin is the sweetest with her.

I couldn't stay and cook with them, Lucey had her doctor's appointment. They served me when I got home. It was so delicious! The twins were delighted when they got home to the special treat!

They let me snap a picture before they headed back to campus. Adam had soccer practice.
Our weather has been beautiful so it's been very unfortunate that I have been stuck inside for the most part. With my pneumonia (I'm feeling better every day) and now we will go for a walk. She could use some fresh air and I could use some exercise.
Anyway....I got out some of our fall decor and had fun changing things up in the house. This place needs some work. I've only been able to get the bare necessities laundry and meals. So while Lucey was napping...I got to work and had a good time. The Troops loved the changes I made and gave me so many compliments. I'm glad I made them happy.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lucey Update

I never shared how Lucey's post-op appointment went. It went well. Her plastic surgeon took her bandages off so he could see for himself how she was healing. This was important since he has accepted an offer at a bigger hospital and moved shortly after our appointment. We have to decide if we will follow him to his new location which is much further away. We love him so we may do just that. He needs new pictures of Lucey and her recovery.
The scar on Lucey's face continues to smooth out and fade. It's about 1 1/2 inches long. I think it has changed her look dramatically. We have no regrets. The scar for the macrostomia repair looks very nice too. It feels a little thick but it doesn't seem to bother Lucey. We apply a special cream to both areas with the hope that it will help with the scarring.
Last week I had to cancel her audiology appointment because I was sick so we have rescheduled. She had a hearing test in May but it was difficult to mask Lucey's good side. We need to see if the non-ear side has a nerve that works. We are looking into a bone conduction hearing aide for her.
Lucey has a neurology appointment in November. Lucey can be unstable on her feet at times. I think it's due to an inner ear issue. Several of you who read my blog have a child with HFM. I'll ask you this: have you noticed this in your kiddo? Would you mind sharing information with me?
After talking to Lucey's plastic surgeon in July, it looks like Lucey will be between the ages of 6-9 before jaw reconstruction will be considered. We are not in a hurry. That surgery will be a big one.
We are thinking that at age 5, Lucey will be ready for a prosthetic ear. Lucey talks about not having an ear quite a bit. She talks about wanting a big ear. Each and every time she talks about it we give her our undivided attention. We talk about it until she is satisfied. The other day she wanted me to take her to the mirror so she could look at her scar. We talk about ears a lot. ;-)
Lucey is in speech therapy and doing very well. If I can't understand what she is telling me she will talk very, very slow and's so cute. Most of the time I can understand her. She has a lot to say.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Here's To A Healthy, Happy Fall!

The entire month of September has been reserved for "Tucker Triage." The Troops have been "hit" and there have been several casualties. It started with Andrew the last weekend of August with a high fever and fatigue. He had strep throat and pneumonia which resulted in a week off of school and two and half weeks of missed football. Next, Christian...strep, respiratory and fever. He bounced back fairly quick but gave his germs to Adam and I. Adam also bounced back quickly. I, however, did not. I don't recall ever being this sick. After two weeks of back and forth to the doctor, tears and finally a chest x-ray; I was diagnosed with pneumonia. I've been on a "z-pack" for the last two days and do feel a lot better. I have no energy and I have had hives for over a week now but this is minor compared to last week. Ron canceled his trips and took very good care of me. Thank you, Ron!! I don't know what I would have done with out him. A friend brought flowers and neighbors were so kind to bring dinner. Being surrounded by our Military Family is such a blessing.

This dinner was so delicious. What a wonderful gift.

Lucey...she feels great! What does a 3 year old do when her Mommy can't function? She entertains herself and she does it well! We had a parent teacher conference and she got a glowing report. She is the youngest in her class of 10. She knew things that none of her classmates knew. Her teacher is very impressed with her. There is one area where she needs work....her cutting skills. Lucey's teacher sent us home with a pair of scissors for Lucey to practice with ( a special pair). Lucey spent hours cutting and has improved. I drew lines on paper and she cut along them pretty well.


Lucey spent hours painting. This girl has such a long attention span. It's wonderful!

Lucey spent some extra time in extended care after school this week. I was worried about her but she did very well. It was such a help to me. I had a few doctor appointments and I needed some rest.

I had a chest x-ray on the 28th. I didn't hear from my doctor on the 29th so I figured that I must be okay. Possible bronchitis or after effects of the flu. Adam was home sick this day too. We decided to walk to Andrew and Christian's football game--it was a beautiful day. Pushing Lucey in the stroller was impossible for me. I was so out of breath. I knew something was not right. The nurse did not call me until the 30th with my pneumonia news. I was not happy about this. At least I have the medicine and I'm finally recovering.
Lucey sits through an entire football game playing, eating and looking at all the activity.

Andrew is finally on the field after his long recovery. The boys went out together on the kick-off team. Christian-74 and Andrew-19. Andrew is just beyond the player who is setting up the football. It was fun to watch them both out there together. They were not exactly happy after this game. They wanted more play time. Their team won though--20-6.
Here's to you and a healthy happy fall!