Friday, October 29, 2010

Senior Night

Last night was Senior Night...all Seniors who played a fall sport were recognized on the football field last night. I have to was emotional for me. We stood on the field meeting Adam on the 50 yard line as his name was announced. We hugged him and walked with him to the side line. We are so proud of Adam. He endured a lot this soccer season. He gave it his all, he gave his whole heart and he had a positive attitude. I was so proud to meet him on the 50 yard line. He gave me flowers and embraced me. I clung to his arm; I didn't want to let go. My baby. He is a senior and growing up fast.

Lucey goes everywhere with us. Andrew and Christian had their own events going on back at their school. Powder Puff. I sure would have liked pictures of that! Andrew dressed as a cheerleader with other football players. Christian was happy to sit in the stands and watch. I have a feeling when A and C get into high school they will have me running all over the place! ;-) Tears times two.

This is Pauline. She is one of the dorm prefects. She said to me, "We are so proud of our son."
I had to stop and think...what did she mean? She must have seen the odd look on my face. She clarified..."I love him like my own." "He is such a wonderful young man." I learned last night that the empty dorm room in the boys dorm has Adam's name on it. They love him so much there that they ask him to stay over. She complimented me on our parenting. The best compliment I could ever receive. I was taken back....humbled. That someone other than me could have such wonderful things to say about Adam. I give credit to Adam...he is just an amazing person. I'm happy to share him--kind of. :-)

Adam sat with us for a little bit. Really wanting to be with Lucey. His girl. His other girl, Lin, had to study. She couldn't be with us last night. We missed her.

Another great night for Lucey. It was cold and she kept herself busy. Those are her mittens on the bleacher. We tried to keep them on. Not so much.

The football team won! That makes two games this year. That means they have won two games in something like the past 6 years. I'm so happy for the senior football end their season with class.
Tonight, the second regional game for the soccer team. Adam is so excited. We are all going with signs and face paint for the boys! Whoo-hoo...

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  1. This is so much like what we are living, with Bailey going everywhere with us and the big B people growing up so much. Loved this post, I know you must be proud of that beautiful son.


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