Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chinese New Year and New Year Reception

We have had a great start to our New Year--My goal this New Year is trying to see the Joy in each day. To be grateful and thankful and live into what the Lord has put before me. We have another big year ahead of us and I think it's important that we live each day as it comes and not get caught up in always thinking about our next move. We moved out of our last home just 7 months ago and into this home 6 months ago. Currently I am preparing for our next move that takes place in just 4 months. So as I enjoy our current location; I'm also purging (which I do love to do) and organizing to make our next move easier. Our kiddos are really looking forward to moving to a new part of the country....I'm grateful that they see the positive in our Military life style. They are also loving their school and friends. Both have kept us very busy traveling around Oklahoma to watch them play basketball for their school. In fact, just last night they won their game---state quarter-finals! They play Thursday in the Semi-finals. I've been traveling 180 miles round trip with Lucey. Thursday will be the same.
We celebrated Chinese New Years with friends we met at Sam's Club. Their sweet girl is exactly the same age as Lucey. They invited us to Oklahoma City with their group of families who have adopted from China. We had an amazing time of fellowship, crafts, food and fun.
Lucey was so excited to put on her dress that Ron bought for her almost 3 years ago. I'm so glad it still fits her...barely.
It was a little chilly when we arrived to Lu kept her coat on as she colored a picture.
Then on to her dragon mask.
The kids had so much fun doing the dragon dance. Lucey brings up the rear.
I put leggings on her to keep her little legs warm....
I love the big dragon mask.
Lucey got a little scared and needed to be comforted. And that was way okay!
Making a beaded necklace with Daddy.
What a fun day! I can't believe I didn't take any pictures of the yummy food! With my Nikon injured....I'm not having as much fun taking pictures. I really need to send it off to be fixed. :-(
On a side note.....several neighbors gave treats to us at Christmas time. I was so busy getting ready for Adam and enjoying time with my family that I neglected to bake and create for our new friends. As a thank you, we made chocolate covered strawberries to send along with our thank yous....
Andrew made this batch. They were so good! He really had fun with it...rolling them in coconut and toffee bits. We also did some with white chocolate that we drizzled.
On January 7th we hosted a New Year's Reception for the Basic Officer Leadership Class. Ron is mentoring these young 2nd Lieutenants. We wanted to share with them Army tradition and etiquette. I loved meeting all the young fresh faces.
This is our dining room... we served a simple selection of finger foods.
I set up a dessert table.
and drinks too.....
This is our living room....I have yet to give a tour of this historic home...I promise to do that before we move.

Andrew took this picture with the old point and shoot...it's blurry but you get the idea. Maybe the blur erases the wrinkles. :-)
Ron keeps it easy going as he shares customs and traditions with the students.
We had 60 guests in all....3 groups of 20. I'm so proud of this newest group of officers (and a few spouses....they were so sweet). I can tell each of them will become wonderful leaders.
It was a wonderful day....a lot of work...but all so worth it.
I'll be traveling with Lucey in three weeks to Ft. Gordon, GA for Adam's AIT graduation. After graduation he will be coming home for a few months before he takes off for the university of Hawaii. We are all so excited to have him here with us!