Monday, June 16, 2008

What's With The "E"?

I'm not one who likes to change the spelling of a perfectly nice name--you know, add a letter here, change the spelling to make it cutesie you may be wondering why we have that extra "E" in Lucey? Lucey is a Surname. It's of Irish origin. My beautiful Grandma Monica was Monica Lucey--a full Irish woman. She would be 102 if she were alive today. I tried to scan a picture of my beautiful Grandma but had some technical difficulties. Believe me when I say, she was beautiful. She was a lady, (and she was just that) a lady ahead of her time. She was a nurse which suited her personality and her heart. She was a woman of God and a woman of service. My Grandma Monica smiled all the time. She made me feel special. I never heard my Grandma complain. She has two sons; My Dad and my Uncle Donald. They completely adored their Mother. They had a special bond and respect for her. I want to have a heart like my Grandma and I hope my boys feel the same about me someday that her boys felt about her. I also have to add that our Lucey is also named after my Great Grandma Louise. Another amazing woman. I do remember my Great Grandma but she had declined in her mental health when I knew her. As I sat holding her hand and talking with her I could still see the sweet woman that I had heard so much about. Through family members I hear that she was a very special woman and a wonderful Grandma. So it is with complete honor and respect that we have named our little girl after two amazing women....

A Few Things For Lucey-

Test Driving Lucey's New Stroller

The Combi - Cosmo EX

at only 13 pounds, it will be a nice one to

travel with to China.

Thanks Max for the Test Drive!

A Start to Lucey's Wardrobe...

Tennis Anyone?

Every Girl Needs Some Lounge-Wear

Lucey's First P.J.'s



Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our Dad-Our Hero! Happy Father's Day~

There is not a Dad out there that loves his boys anymore than this Dad here. This Dad is a Man of God. This Dad is practical and does not over react. He remains steady and calm which I know the boys find comfort in. He is a Military Dad; he commands respect. With that said, it is so incredibly sweet to watch him with his boys. Each one of them look forward to being tucked in at night with kisses, hugs and a cross on the forehead. I love hearing Adam (our 15 year old son) say, "Daddy, are you going to tuck me in tonight?" It's especially sweet when this boy stands quite a few inches taller than his Dad. This Dad has a special book he is reading with his boys. I've mentioned it before, it's called "David." I know this Dad resonates with David. It is described that David was a man whose light shone through the tarnish. If you read about David you will learn that David's life offers hope to all of us. His life shows how devotion doesn't mean perfection-that God loves us in spite of our weaknesses, and can do extraordinary things through ordinary men whose lives are devoted wholly to Him. This Dad prays with his boys. I know This Dad is not perfect but I know this Dad is seeking The Lord and doing his best as a father. I love watching this Dad and his boys and the love shared between them.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Baubles for Baby

Lucey Lou turned One this past Tuesday. I thought about her more deeply that day. Were they celebrating her? I sent special prayers up for her birth mom; I could only imagine what her Mom must have been feeling that day in particular. It's not natural for a mom to give her child up. I could not imagine having to do that myself. I love my children so much I can't even put the feelings I have for them into words that would do my thoughts and my heart justice. I'm sure Lucey's Mom was feeling some emotional pain on Tuesday. I pray that she has a peace about her knowing that she did the right thing and that Lucey will be well taken care of. She put Lucey in a safe place out of complete love for her. That I know for sure.

I had an overwhelming need to send something to Lucey. We called Carol to see if it were possible. Carol got back to us right away (as she always does) and hooked us up with a family traveling to China soon. They are making the delivery for us. I know they have a lot to take so I didn't want to take up their precious space so we chose a few "Baubles" that may help Lucey get to know us and to comfort her.

I love this little Baby Einstein photo book/teether. We put each of our pictures in there to include Max (our miniature schnauzer) and Nana Kathy and Papa Dave so she can get acquainted while we wait. The Little bunny blankie is snuggly soft and I have to confess that I slept with it hoping my scent would become a part of it and that she will get to know me. I love the "Guess How Much I Love You" board book. Someday she will know exactly what those words mean. I read to the boys all the time when they were little (actually, Ron and I still take pleasure in reading to the twins and Ron and the 3 boys have a book they are reading together--just the men--"David" by Charles R. Swindoll) and with all of my prolific readers in this house--she will be read to a lot.