Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our Dad-Our Hero! Happy Father's Day~

There is not a Dad out there that loves his boys anymore than this Dad here. This Dad is a Man of God. This Dad is practical and does not over react. He remains steady and calm which I know the boys find comfort in. He is a Military Dad; he commands respect. With that said, it is so incredibly sweet to watch him with his boys. Each one of them look forward to being tucked in at night with kisses, hugs and a cross on the forehead. I love hearing Adam (our 15 year old son) say, "Daddy, are you going to tuck me in tonight?" It's especially sweet when this boy stands quite a few inches taller than his Dad. This Dad has a special book he is reading with his boys. I've mentioned it before, it's called "David." I know this Dad resonates with David. It is described that David was a man whose light shone through the tarnish. If you read about David you will learn that David's life offers hope to all of us. His life shows how devotion doesn't mean perfection-that God loves us in spite of our weaknesses, and can do extraordinary things through ordinary men whose lives are devoted wholly to Him. This Dad prays with his boys. I know This Dad is not perfect but I know this Dad is seeking The Lord and doing his best as a father. I love watching this Dad and his boys and the love shared between them.

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