Monday, June 16, 2008

What's With The "E"?

I'm not one who likes to change the spelling of a perfectly nice name--you know, add a letter here, change the spelling to make it cutesie you may be wondering why we have that extra "E" in Lucey? Lucey is a Surname. It's of Irish origin. My beautiful Grandma Monica was Monica Lucey--a full Irish woman. She would be 102 if she were alive today. I tried to scan a picture of my beautiful Grandma but had some technical difficulties. Believe me when I say, she was beautiful. She was a lady, (and she was just that) a lady ahead of her time. She was a nurse which suited her personality and her heart. She was a woman of God and a woman of service. My Grandma Monica smiled all the time. She made me feel special. I never heard my Grandma complain. She has two sons; My Dad and my Uncle Donald. They completely adored their Mother. They had a special bond and respect for her. I want to have a heart like my Grandma and I hope my boys feel the same about me someday that her boys felt about her. I also have to add that our Lucey is also named after my Great Grandma Louise. Another amazing woman. I do remember my Great Grandma but she had declined in her mental health when I knew her. As I sat holding her hand and talking with her I could still see the sweet woman that I had heard so much about. Through family members I hear that she was a very special woman and a wonderful Grandma. So it is with complete honor and respect that we have named our little girl after two amazing women....

A Few Things For Lucey-

Test Driving Lucey's New Stroller

The Combi - Cosmo EX

at only 13 pounds, it will be a nice one to

travel with to China.

Thanks Max for the Test Drive!

A Start to Lucey's Wardrobe...

Tennis Anyone?

Every Girl Needs Some Lounge-Wear

Lucey's First P.J.'s



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