Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lucey Lu Takes a Snooze

A Little Lucey Lu Update

I'm sitting here in Lucey's bedroom as she falls asleep. She still likes to have us in here while she goes to sleep. Sometime, when she is really tired, she will point to her crib and want to be in there. I can looks so cozy! I'm so grateful she loves to sleep in her own space. she does very well at night too.

I snapped this photo as she was giving her animals a kiss good-night.

Joe Cool...I mean, Adam, and Lucey. That poor nose...boy did she fight that nasty cold. We are finally starting to feel better. We could not even go to the Dr. due to the office building burning down in a terrible fire. Thankfully everyone got out safely. Check this out.....Fire.

Lucey loves to take walks in her stroller. I need the exercise so we are a perfect fit.

Lucey Lu, my happy girl.

Lucey has her feet propped up and is really enjoying the ride.

Slip sliding around on the hard wood floor.

We all love playing Little People with Lucey. Christian is playing with her doll house. He is so good with Lucey.

Kicking back and enjoying the morning.

I love the way she sits and concentrates. My legs would fall off if I tried to sit that way. I couldn't do that in my gymnastic days.

Putting the chair on the roof top patio. Aunt Bunny-you have given us hours of play and fun!

With Gratitude

My long time friend, Renee, drove all the way to our home last week with 3 children to deliver dinner to us. Because we were all sick, her husband, Heinz, made us his special chicken noodle soup that they know will cure the common cold. It was so good and Lucey devoured her portion. Thank you so much---we loved it and feel a little better too! Renee also had treats for all of us....The Brown Bear book for Lucey, Av*da hand lotion for me, candy for the boys....yum!

My cousins Kim and David sent this sweet little backpack for Lucey. You can tell she loves it. She loved putting her favorite small toys in it and you can see that she loves wearing it. She took it with her on our outing last evening. Thank you Kim and David!!!

Our new friends, and will always stay in touch with friends, Barbara and James, brought this darling dress all the way from Alabama. I think Lucey will grow into it this summer....perfect! We love it! You know us better than I thought. ;-) Also, I can't tell you enough how much we will miss your home!!! I'm so glad I was able to spend some time with you last month! I enjoyed our visit.
I'm getting ready for visitors. Ron's cousins and three children are arriving this weekend all the way from Michigan. We can't wait for them to get here. We have some fun things planned but most of all, we look forward to the fellowship.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

More Gifts and Kathy, Alyx and Kara Come For a Visit

Lucey received this rather large box in the mail...oh boy, what could it be? I "helped" Lucey open the box and decided that it must have come from the North Pole. ;-) Oh, almost came from Aunt Bunny, Uncle Kevin, Henri, Lydia and Lena.

Look at all the Little People! A whole town! Look at all the pink. This is a far cry from all the Rescue Heroes that we used to have decorating our living room years ago.
I just love Little People! I know Lucey will too!

She's telling me...."Come on, let's open them and start playing!"

She loves the plane! She's holding the girl pilot. It's so cute and plays music. Lucey loves music!

We opened up the doll house too. It's precious. We all took turns playing with Lucey. Do you know that the toilet even makes the flushing sound. Too cute! It has a lot of great noises and fun things to play with.
Thank you, Butler Family---Wow--what fun! You really know how to make a girl happy.
The Hagen Girls Come For a Visit
The Hagen girls brought some fun things too! Clothes! Lucey really warmed up fast to Alyx and Kara. They are so pretty and so much fun. Alyx is wearing Lucey's bows and Lucey thought it was so funny. Lucey really connected with Kara (another little person who also happens to be my Goddaughter...thank you Kara, for being so sweet with Lucey.)

Lucey knows exactly what to do with a into it! Neatly of course.
BTW: Alyx is a very talented gymnast. They came for a meet. I had planned to go but just wasn't up for it. It was so hard to stay home. I love watching Alyx compete. Alyx did well! very special cousin, Kathy....I love her like a sister. We had such a good visit and it went by too fast. I wish I were feeling better too. I wasn't on my game but she understood. Hey, Kathy...I'll be better in a few weeks when you come back!

Lucey slept for three hours after the Hagen's left. I had to wake her for dinner. Poor girl was not ready to get up. She ate a very good dinner and afterwards, Adam took her for a walk and a little fresh air.

So sweet!

Lucey is all girl as she looks at all the leotards that the girls brought! Thank you for all the wonderful clothes!

Fun times with Lucey Lu

It's been such a busy week. With Lucey Lu, the boys and their activities along with back to home schooling it's been crazy. We are also struggling with colds. Lucey has been sick since Monday. She is so congested as am I. Christian was sick and is now feeling better but still coughing. Andrew is not feeling well today and spent today just hanging around the house. We hope it won't be long and we will all be well again. Adam injured himself in gym class last Wed. which required a trip to urgent care. Thankfully he will be fine; a little M@trin and some rest and he will be back practicing with the tennis team come Monday. As for me....I'm ready for bed. I'm going there right after I post. I need a little R and R. :-)

My Mom gave this sweet P.J. set to Lucey Lu a week ago. So cute! She also brought the cell phone which plays music and the "CD player." Lucey loves music and buttons. These have been fun toys for her. Thanks Mom!

Big progress in the way of Max! Max can roam freely around the house (as much as an 8 year old dog roams....he naps a lot.) and Lucey does well. Here goes Max running past Lucey Lu. She was fine!

Daddy's home. Lucey gets so excited when Ron comes home for lunch or home from work. She squeals with excitement.

Lucey is petting Max. All is well.

Andrew and Lucey.

Way up close and personal.

Lucey absolutely loves playing this game! She was having so much fun being pulled around by Christian. She is becoming the princess. ;-)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just Pics Today

"Playing with my Panda purse that Daddy bought for me in China."

"I'm not feeling too well. I have a fever, cough, and runny nose. I'm worn out and it's only 9:30 a.m."

"I love my doll. She looks like me."

"'I'm putting her bib on."

"I'm still working on it."

"I love these crayons. I think I may be left handed."

"I'm ready to go, I've got my purse."

Andrew and Christian and their science experiment.
"I love to eat. I even tried a slice of red pepper. The grapes and the carrots are the best."

I love Christian....I want to give a kiss."

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our Weekend With Lucey

We took Lucey to church this morning for her first Christian Worship Service. Let me tell you....She was amazing! I'm not kidding....this girl lives up to her name....pure joy, a light! She made all the people around us smile. She waved her hands, clapped and bounced around with every song sung. We go to a traditional, liturgical style of worship and here she was--loving right where she was at. She has been pretty reserved around others but she is opening up a little. She really liked Paul, the 5 year old boy who sat behind us. She wanted to hold his hands. They were so cute together. She mostly wanted to be in Adam's lap. She sat with him for about half the service. She thoroughly enjoys new experiences. We enjoy watching her as she learns more about her new world.

Lucey and I after church. I'm wearing the silk scarf that Ron bought for me in China.

Friday, it was back to school. Lucey did well in the high chair for part of the time as we worked. She loves her high chair.

Something new....crayons! Wow, did she ever love these.

She loves her bunny blankie from her Aunt Bunny. Christian is working with her on getting closer to Max...I'm not sure we have made anymore head way here.

Nana and Papa came over Friday evening. She was pretty shy. It didn't take long and she was warming up to Nana.

Nana brought presents. It didn't take long before she knew to unwrap each gift and that there would be something special for her. She enjoyed each new toy. Thank you Nana.

My own "Cell Phone." She loves toys that make noise and music.

She is feeling even more comfortable with Nana.

Andrew and Lucey are in Nana's lap. I think Andrew was there first and Lucey wanted in on it too.
I don't have any pictures of Papa but he was right here too. As we were saying good-bye and I was hugging them....Lucey reached out to hug on her own. She hugged Papa!

Lucey received another gift....from our wonderful neighbors...The Woolseys...Thank you! The frame matches her room perfectly and Lucey loves her little angel. Thank you for thinking of us.