Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fun times with Lucey Lu

It's been such a busy week. With Lucey Lu, the boys and their activities along with back to home schooling it's been crazy. We are also struggling with colds. Lucey has been sick since Monday. She is so congested as am I. Christian was sick and is now feeling better but still coughing. Andrew is not feeling well today and spent today just hanging around the house. We hope it won't be long and we will all be well again. Adam injured himself in gym class last Wed. which required a trip to urgent care. Thankfully he will be fine; a little M@trin and some rest and he will be back practicing with the tennis team come Monday. As for me....I'm ready for bed. I'm going there right after I post. I need a little R and R. :-)

My Mom gave this sweet P.J. set to Lucey Lu a week ago. So cute! She also brought the cell phone which plays music and the "CD player." Lucey loves music and buttons. These have been fun toys for her. Thanks Mom!

Big progress in the way of Max! Max can roam freely around the house (as much as an 8 year old dog roams....he naps a lot.) and Lucey does well. Here goes Max running past Lucey Lu. She was fine!

Daddy's home. Lucey gets so excited when Ron comes home for lunch or home from work. She squeals with excitement.

Lucey is petting Max. All is well.

Andrew and Lucey.

Way up close and personal.

Lucey absolutely loves playing this game! She was having so much fun being pulled around by Christian. She is becoming the princess. ;-)

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