Saturday, March 21, 2009

More Gifts and Kathy, Alyx and Kara Come For a Visit

Lucey received this rather large box in the mail...oh boy, what could it be? I "helped" Lucey open the box and decided that it must have come from the North Pole. ;-) Oh, almost came from Aunt Bunny, Uncle Kevin, Henri, Lydia and Lena.

Look at all the Little People! A whole town! Look at all the pink. This is a far cry from all the Rescue Heroes that we used to have decorating our living room years ago.
I just love Little People! I know Lucey will too!

She's telling me...."Come on, let's open them and start playing!"

She loves the plane! She's holding the girl pilot. It's so cute and plays music. Lucey loves music!

We opened up the doll house too. It's precious. We all took turns playing with Lucey. Do you know that the toilet even makes the flushing sound. Too cute! It has a lot of great noises and fun things to play with.
Thank you, Butler Family---Wow--what fun! You really know how to make a girl happy.
The Hagen Girls Come For a Visit
The Hagen girls brought some fun things too! Clothes! Lucey really warmed up fast to Alyx and Kara. They are so pretty and so much fun. Alyx is wearing Lucey's bows and Lucey thought it was so funny. Lucey really connected with Kara (another little person who also happens to be my Goddaughter...thank you Kara, for being so sweet with Lucey.)

Lucey knows exactly what to do with a into it! Neatly of course.
BTW: Alyx is a very talented gymnast. They came for a meet. I had planned to go but just wasn't up for it. It was so hard to stay home. I love watching Alyx compete. Alyx did well! very special cousin, Kathy....I love her like a sister. We had such a good visit and it went by too fast. I wish I were feeling better too. I wasn't on my game but she understood. Hey, Kathy...I'll be better in a few weeks when you come back!

Lucey slept for three hours after the Hagen's left. I had to wake her for dinner. Poor girl was not ready to get up. She ate a very good dinner and afterwards, Adam took her for a walk and a little fresh air.

So sweet!

Lucey is all girl as she looks at all the leotards that the girls brought! Thank you for all the wonderful clothes!


  1. She'll be doing tumbling runs by her third bday...I can just see it.
    Aren't tiny leotards the cutest things ever? Lucey Lu, you have such a beautiful smile that we hope to see in person and hear your giggles.
    We have some move updates to share, we'll be pack/load/clearing the second week of June with sign in to Hood on the 15th. The CoC is June 26.
    A friend is moving her daughter to college (KSU) this summer and we're working out rendezvous plans...when we have it set I can check with you and maybe it'll work to visit you also.
    Have a wonderful first spring weekend!
    love to all

  2. Hi! I saw your comments on our blog. My e-mail is I would love to tell you about my experiences with Children's Mercy Plastic Surgery Dept. I know your trying to decide what to do for sweet Lucey.

    It looks like everyone is still doing well.


  3. The Little People set is something my girls would have loved at this age. Very cute! Another favorite plaything has been the large zoo duplo set. Lots of little animals and people, and the girls still get it out almost daily. I'm sorry to hear you're under the weather and hope that will be short-lived!


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