Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Little Lucey Lu Update

I'm sitting here in Lucey's bedroom as she falls asleep. She still likes to have us in here while she goes to sleep. Sometime, when she is really tired, she will point to her crib and want to be in there. I can looks so cozy! I'm so grateful she loves to sleep in her own space. she does very well at night too.

I snapped this photo as she was giving her animals a kiss good-night.

Joe Cool...I mean, Adam, and Lucey. That poor nose...boy did she fight that nasty cold. We are finally starting to feel better. We could not even go to the Dr. due to the office building burning down in a terrible fire. Thankfully everyone got out safely. Check this out.....Fire.

Lucey loves to take walks in her stroller. I need the exercise so we are a perfect fit.

Lucey Lu, my happy girl.

Lucey has her feet propped up and is really enjoying the ride.

Slip sliding around on the hard wood floor.

We all love playing Little People with Lucey. Christian is playing with her doll house. He is so good with Lucey.

Kicking back and enjoying the morning.

I love the way she sits and concentrates. My legs would fall off if I tried to sit that way. I couldn't do that in my gymnastic days.

Putting the chair on the roof top patio. Aunt Bunny-you have given us hours of play and fun!

With Gratitude

My long time friend, Renee, drove all the way to our home last week with 3 children to deliver dinner to us. Because we were all sick, her husband, Heinz, made us his special chicken noodle soup that they know will cure the common cold. It was so good and Lucey devoured her portion. Thank you so much---we loved it and feel a little better too! Renee also had treats for all of us....The Brown Bear book for Lucey, Av*da hand lotion for me, candy for the boys....yum!

My cousins Kim and David sent this sweet little backpack for Lucey. You can tell she loves it. She loved putting her favorite small toys in it and you can see that she loves wearing it. She took it with her on our outing last evening. Thank you Kim and David!!!

Our new friends, and will always stay in touch with friends, Barbara and James, brought this darling dress all the way from Alabama. I think Lucey will grow into it this summer....perfect! We love it! You know us better than I thought. ;-) Also, I can't tell you enough how much we will miss your home!!! I'm so glad I was able to spend some time with you last month! I enjoyed our visit.
I'm getting ready for visitors. Ron's cousins and three children are arriving this weekend all the way from Michigan. We can't wait for them to get here. We have some fun things planned but most of all, we look forward to the fellowship.

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  1. Your comment on my blog was so cute. Yes, we met when we got our referral - it was a whirl wind of a day. What is a few minutes wait when it comes to the wait for the baby to come home?..!

    Your family is darling.


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