Monday, January 24, 2011

Christmas Vacation Part I

Yes, I'm really going all the way back to Pre-Christmas...just over a month ago already.

At the time, we were so very busy that I was not able to capture all the fun we had. We had a special house guest come and stay for a week. Spark! He was a boarding student from China last year and went to school with Adam. This year he is studying Engineering at Penn State. He and Adam were good friends but oddly enough, I had never met Spark.

Spark was so easy to have and he fit right into our big family. He really went along with all of our traditions in an eager and gracious way.

This is how Spark ties his shoes. Isn't that great? He said it took him an hour...he will be a talented engineer some day!

Lucey adored him. Spark was so sweet with Lucey who was always following him around and giving him a leg hug.

Lucey decorated a ginger bread house. I really didn't have to help much. (Pardon me....I don't have any makeup on. Apparently, as you will see in the future pictures I post, I didn't wear much makeup over the break....hmmmmm.....Oh well....the real me.)

I started frosting the house for her but she quickly took over.

Placing each piece of candy in her perfect order.

Looking beautiful.

I found the perfect spot on the buffet for her masterpiece.
More to come. Mainly for our own memories.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pretty In Pink

Lucey had a great morning in ballet class with Miss Katie and all the little girls. Our neighbor and Lucey's good friend, Whitney, is in the class. Whitney's Mom, Elizabeth, is a very good friend of mine so we had fun in the lobby catching up and talking about the girls.

Lucey is ready for the doors to open.

She was a little nervous.

Taking a peek to see what's inside the dance studio.

She clung to me for just a bit and I reassured her she would be fine and I scooted out very quickly not looking back. I knew I needed to dash out before she clung to me even more.

She took a quick moment to regroup....I could see the wheels turning as I peeked through the door way and then she listened to the directions and she was off. The two little girls sitting in the background were struggling with leaving their mama. Miss Katie, a rather large imposing woman, took them by the arms and told them they could sit "right there" until they were ready to join the girls. Yikes! I have a feeling there will be no shenanigans tolerated in this class.

Roll Call.

More directions. Something is funny.

Whitney and Lucey....Sweet Friends.

Parents are not allowed in the room. There was a little narrow window with a diamond grid in the door of the classroom. I was taking photos crunched up against the glass at an angle focusing between the lines. I just had to get photos of my sweet baby girl taking her first dance lesson.
Lucey followed directions beautifully. The class is for girls between the ages of 3-5 so she is one of the younger girls.
For the past week Lucey has been sick with an ear infection. Her first dance lesson was supposed to be last Saturday but she woke up with a 102 degree temperature which led us the clinic to check her ear. Poor thing....she also had wax build up and needed her ear to be cleaned out which made her cry. With only one ear, I cringe when she gets an ear infection.
She is doing well today....unfortunately a few of the other troops are sick though. :-(

Sweet Pink Slippers...For My Tiny Dancer

Lucey's New Ballet Slippers

Lucey starts ballet lessons this morning. She is thrilled and has been twirling around the house the last few days. We decided on dance after her neurologist suggested she start an activity such as dance or soccer to help with her balance issues and her gross motor skills. So dance it is. Perhaps she will play soccer in the spring.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winter Homecoming 2011

Adam and the Lovely Miss Lin. Adam invited us to take pictures at the restaurant where all the kids were dinning. It was fun to see all the young people and the girls in their beautiful dresses. Adam and Lin had a fabulous time.


(Christmas photos still to come...I need to get them on here to at least journal for our family)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another Snow Day

Cabin Fever has taken over....

Andrew and Christian did not have school again today. It's so cold and we still have slick streets here. Adam's school was in's private and half the students board so they went ahead and had classes (although the local Public school was called off). Ron drove him the 25 miles and they arrived just fine.

It's hard to be outside for long when the windchill is zero.

My Mom told me the other day that she thought it was fun to have a snow day with my sister and I. I do remember hot cocoa and a relaxed day keeping warm. My sister and I were such calm girls and we loved to do calm activities. I do adore having my boys around and they love their Mom...but let me tell's loud and active when they are home. They are the equivalent to a pair of English Sheep Dogs coming in from the rain....running in and shaking their wet bodies all over the place. No, seriously....they bring so much of the outside in when they come barreling through the door. I do love their activity and all their chatter and I know someday I will be wanting all that back when they are off making their way in life. But, I do hope tomorrow they will be back in their classroom. ;-) My house needs to be put back together.

Anyway-- Christian was bored today so we made cookies with left over Christmas baking items. We had all the ingredients minus a half a bag of butterscotch and one egg. So we made oatmeal scotchies and halved the recipe (still minus one egg). Christian loves to be in the kitchen...he did a great job.

They were a little flat but they were tasty!

We then played Othello. He really wanted to beat me. It's one of my favorites and I have to say, I'm pretty good. :-) He is a good sport.

I took these pictures at 1:00 in the afternoon and yes, we are still in jammies. I would never let you see what I look like! Lucey has colored, painted, stamped and used her play dough. Then off to chunky Legos and a shopping cart.

Christian decided to play a PS3 game. Andrew is at a friends and Christian is really missing his buddy.

On a side note....last Saturday Adam was a teammate on the varsity scholar's bowl team for his school. It was a tournament with about 20 schools. They placed second. "Way to go Adam and MH-MA!"
I'd better get back to the Troops....they want to play a game!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Lucey had hers chilled with her marshmallows on the side. :-) She took pleasure in every sip.

The boys also drank every drop and devoured the snacks I put out. It didn't take them long and they were off to play.
Our day was warm and cozy.
I hope you had a cozy day too.

Snow Bunnies

What a snow stormy few days it has been. Our country as a whole has been slammed with ice, snow, wind and now very low temperatures. Here in our small area of the country we got about 6 inches of snow and now it's super cold. Yesterday it snowed all day-- the beautiful fluffy kind of powder. The temperatures were still in low 30's so not too cold to be out romping around in it. That's what my kiddos were doing all day yesterday.'s in the single digits with the windchill below zero....we're snuggling with hot cocoa!

Lucey wore last year's coat for the first part of winter and I noticed it was getting a little short on her. Then I remembered seeing one in a container in the basement. We have been blessed with lovely, bunches, of beautiful hand-me-downs from dear friends. I must have 8 large containers organized by size. Yep...this adorable coat and snow pants plus boots came from my very dear friend from high school....Renee. Perfect! Thank you so much Renee! I love you so much!! You see, I was the first to have kids out of my circle of friends. For the past 12 years I have been sending the boys' clothes to my friends with boys. I love sharing....I'm so happy I could pass on clothes and that they have been so warmly received. It sure feels good though, to be the recipient. :-)

Lucey loves the snow!

Her brothers do too. Andrew was the first to offer to play with Lucey.

Christian jumped into the mix and they made snow angels together.

They got out the little sled that Papa made for her last year.

The boys are so sweet and gentle with her....they got her all propped up in her "ride."

Christian took off with her.

Then Andrew took the "reins."

Lucey was getting so cold but didn't want to come in. She was not ready! I would be perfectly happy too if I had two brothers pulling me around in the winter wonderland.

I even think there were a few tears.

The tears quickly dried when I suggested she be a little lady bug for the rest of the afternoon. I love this age. So quick to be satisfied. Off she went....

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Card Photo--Finally

Happy New Year!

I'm back. It was such a fun and very busy Christmas extending into the New Year....more about that later.

I'm finally posting the Christmas card photo....I used a few different versions this year. I also added one of Adam's senior pictures.

Thank you for all of your sweet comments...on here, in emails and face to face. I'm so grateful-- I'm smiling as I type.
I look forward to catching up with you...
Blessing to you in 2011....ahhhh....such a big year for us and I know some of you also have big events you are looking forward to this year as well. I can't wait to hear more.