Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Bunnies

What a snow stormy few days it has been. Our country as a whole has been slammed with ice, snow, wind and now very low temperatures. Here in our small area of the country we got about 6 inches of snow and now it's super cold. Yesterday it snowed all day-- the beautiful fluffy kind of powder. The temperatures were still in low 30's so not too cold to be out romping around in it. That's what my kiddos were doing all day yesterday. Today...it's in the single digits with the windchill below zero....we're snuggling with hot cocoa!

Lucey wore last year's coat for the first part of winter and I noticed it was getting a little short on her. Then I remembered seeing one in a container in the basement. We have been blessed with lovely, bunches, of beautiful hand-me-downs from dear friends. I must have 8 large containers organized by size. Yep...this adorable coat and snow pants plus boots came from my very dear friend from high school....Renee. Perfect! Thank you so much Renee! I love you so much!! You see, I was the first to have kids out of my circle of friends. For the past 12 years I have been sending the boys' clothes to my friends with boys. I love sharing....I'm so happy I could pass on clothes and that they have been so warmly received. It sure feels good though, to be the recipient. :-)

Lucey loves the snow!

Her brothers do too. Andrew was the first to offer to play with Lucey.

Christian jumped into the mix and they made snow angels together.

They got out the little sled that Papa made for her last year.

The boys are so sweet and gentle with her....they got her all propped up in her "ride."

Christian took off with her.

Then Andrew took the "reins."

Lucey was getting so cold but didn't want to come in. She was not ready! I would be perfectly happy too if I had two brothers pulling me around in the winter wonderland.

I even think there were a few tears.

The tears quickly dried when I suggested she be a little lady bug for the rest of the afternoon. I love this age. So quick to be satisfied. Off she went....


  1. Cute pictures! We've been in the deep freeze too with just about as much snow, but cold, COLD temperatures. I usually walk my dogs in the early AM, but -9 just did not appeal, and I walked them around noon in a sunny 7 degrees. Brrr!

    Hand-me-downs have been a lifesaver for us, and I while I don't enjoy the sorting and storing process, I absolutely LOVE having them. My girls get so many compliments on their clothes, so my friends must have good taste!

  2. Such an adorable snow bunny too!!! :)


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