Thursday, October 11, 2012

Crazy Hair Day

....and purple day.

Lucey is having fun with all the "special" days that go along with grade school and kindergarten.  Today was crazy hair day.  Lucey told me  this as I was doing her hair.  She is on top of things and has a great memory.  Sure enough...there was a tiny slip of paper in her backpack that I had missed letting me know that they had earned this day.  For whatever reason.  This is what we came up with.  Loops like puppy ears on top of her head.  Not too crazy.  She was a bit reluctant.

It also happened to be  "Purple Day" for the kindergartners.  Every Wednesday the kiddos are supposed to wear the color of the week.  It sure keeps me on my toes to check the calendar daily. Not to mention....gym day, library day, art day etc....and it changes....these specials do not always fall on the same day of the week.  Why????  To confuse the older parents????  (I have to remember to put her in her tennis shoes, remember the library book and to make sure she has something to wear that can get paint, glue or whatever medium that they happen to be working on in art.  Do your schools operate this way?)  Back to "Purple Day"--Lucey does not have much purple in her wardrobe. hmmmm....we had to get a little creative. Lu had purple leggings (lavender) and purple curly hair bows and a peter pan collar shirt that had lavender flowers.  So this is what we came up with. 

            { Lucey wearing her hearing aid--and not wanting the flash of the camera in her eyes.}

I was so please that Lucey's teacher emailed me to let me know she was ready to learn how to use Lucey's hearing aid.  This past Tuesday I took Lucey and her hearing aide to school and we showed Mrs. D. how it works and how to put it on her head.  It's not as easy as you would think.  Lucey loves to hear from both side of helps with localizing sound and for her to raise her voice a little too. (she is the only child I know of that we have to ask her to use her outside voice inside....).  Lucey is deaf on her right side but with her bone conduction hearing aid, her hearing is almost within normal range.  The only problem is that it is worn on a soft band and the band hurts after awhile.  It also slips down or up and pops off.  It's not easy to get into place.  It can be frustrating.  She can't wear it on the playground because it will come off and it's very expensive (we sure wouldn't want to lose it).  Her next surgery will be to place an abutment (snap) on her mastoid bone that will eventually hold the hearing aid.  We are hopeful that she will be ready for this by the first of the year.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


~ I'm Taking Golf Lessons ~

Yesterday I had so much fun with my golfing buddies.  We are on our 4th lesson and I must say, with the little bit of instruction, I have improved.  I left the course with new found energy.  The sun was shining, the air was crisp and I laughed.  With all the moving and all the changes for us I had been a bit down.  It has been quite awhile since I had done something for me.  About 9 years ago I was on a women's golf league.  I don't think I have had a club in my hand since.  So my clubs are a bit outdated....a little on the heavy side and not very aerodynamic.  Who cares....all that matters is that I am having fun.  Oh and I am practicing my shouting "Fore"--I have a feeling I will not be driving straight.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Gettysburg Day 2

Gettysburg on Columbus Day

Our Target Starbucks was offering two for one mochas yesterday morning.  We treated the boys-- and us--- to a salted caramel mocha.  Oh so yummy.  What a great way to start our chilly morning driving tour of the Confederate part of the Gettysburg battle.

and a few of's a holiday, right?  Splurge!

Miss Lu was the best girl way back there in the third row.  She had a big bag of toys, books and artwork to keep her busy on the 4 hour tour.

The boys love History and this is their 4th year studying American History.  They were not too happy when they found out they had to take the class again. We move so much so they have to take the required classes.  They are in honors History so it's challenging for them and we live near Historic places so they get to see what they are studying.  It's a winning combo.

Eternal Light Peace Memorial--dedicated in 1938 (Oak Hill)

Ron giving the boys a lesson.

Lucey enjoyed getting out of the car and running around.  A little bed-head.  We rolled out of bed and got on our way and it shows.

Christian brought school work with him since he had much to catch up on after being sick last week.  Multi-tasking.

Ron should be an instructor...he loves to teach. 

The Virginia Memorial.
Andrew was behind the camera here.

Ron instructing once again on Pickett's Charge.

I love how Lucey is be-bopping along behind the guys.


We will go back in the next couple of weeks and drive the Union side.  We had such a fun morning.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Apple Festival and Gettysburg

The National Apple Harvest Festival

 I suppose, since we live close to our nations capital....every event around here is considered a "national" event.  :-)   We had such a great day yesterday!  There was a chill in the air and it was a bit drizzly which made the hot apple cider even more delicious.  We took a bus ride from the parking lot to the fun!

Andrew and Christian enjoying the petting zoo....not really.  They were good sports.  They mostly loved the eating part of being at a fair.  Lot's of junk food we typically do not partake in.


Lu was thrilled with her pink puppy balloon. 

Waiting for the guys to meet us. 

 We also went to Gettysburg.

 I was here about 11 years ago.  The new visitor's center is beautiful!  I can't wait to go back and explore it a little more in depth.  We had limited time.

Christian has not been feeling well.  His asthma has not been in control.  He has also been fighting an infection.  So he needed a little rest and TLC while we had a bite to eat.

Lu was her silly happy self.

Ron bought the driving tour on CD.  It is amazing--very well done.  It's a 90 min. detailed audio of the battle.  We are heading there today to take the tour.

Ron gave us a little background yesterday since he has studied the battle.  He took a trip there last week with his War College Class.  We are so excited about getting the full tour today. 

The goodies we picked up at the festival yesterday.  We tasted tested each of them and wow, so yummy.