Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Gettysburg Day 2

Gettysburg on Columbus Day

Our Target Starbucks was offering two for one mochas yesterday morning.  We treated the boys-- and us--- to a salted caramel mocha.  Oh so yummy.  What a great way to start our chilly morning driving tour of the Confederate part of the Gettysburg battle.

and a few of these.....it's a holiday, right?  Splurge!

Miss Lu was the best girl way back there in the third row.  She had a big bag of toys, books and artwork to keep her busy on the 4 hour tour.

The boys love History and this is their 4th year studying American History.  They were not too happy when they found out they had to take the class again. We move so much so they have to take the required classes.  They are in honors History so it's challenging for them and we live near Historic places so they get to see what they are studying.  It's a winning combo.

Eternal Light Peace Memorial--dedicated in 1938 (Oak Hill)

Ron giving the boys a lesson.

Lucey enjoyed getting out of the car and running around.  A little bed-head.  We rolled out of bed and got on our way and it shows.

Christian brought school work with him since he had much to catch up on after being sick last week.  Multi-tasking.

Ron should be an instructor...he loves to teach. 

The Virginia Memorial.
Andrew was behind the camera here.

Ron instructing once again on Pickett's Charge.

I love how Lucey is be-bopping along behind the guys.


We will go back in the next couple of weeks and drive the Union side.  We had such a fun morning.

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