Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Where Past Meets Present III


On Wednesday of last week Lucey's pain became unbearable! I felt helpless, the pain medication was not working. I was ready to melt down. I called my neighbor who sat with Lucey while I came up with a plan. Lu was crying so loud I could not make the phone calls. I called a pediatric dentist from the phone book and explained the situation. They squeezed us in. I was also running carpool. The dentist was very compassionate and said she could put temp. fillings in there hoping that would tide Lucey over until she has the surgery. I left the office, picked up carpool, took the kids home and then back to the dentist for the procedure. They gave Lucey some "laughing" gas and put the fillings in. I told Lu they were band aids. She accepted that and did pretty well. She has been a new kid ever since. Another answer to my pleading prayers with God. Lucey was not eating well and now she is back to eating and living pain free.

My parents have been here so I've been busy with them. We leave tomorrow for St. Louis. A ten hour drive. I'm coming home on Friday. I decided to take the train. A little crazy but I think it could be fun. We leave on Thursday night and will arrive in Dallas on Friday morning. Ron will drive the three hours to pick us up. I have a lot to do to get us ready today and get the boys all settled before I leave for the week. I'm grateful we can have Lucey's teeth fixed before we fly to South Carolina on the 13th for Adam's graduation. Thank you for all of your prayers. I can feel them. xoxo

Past: On April 14, 2011

Lucey had a dental appointment with a fantastic team. Everyone was so good with her and she, for the first time, allowed someone to really look, clean and floss her teeth. Lucey has a host of issues going on in her mouth. It could be related to her hemifacial microsomia, the bottle she drank (large hole in the nipple to allow the milk and rice to flow into her mouth...Lucey's had a difficult time sucking) which was the complete source of her caloric intake, genetic...we don't know....

After going through this appointment we learned that this dentist could not do the work necessary. He practiced in one state but the big children's hospital was in the other. I had not thought about that. I figured he could perform the surgery at the children's hospital located in his state. The hospitals are related and just 20 miles apart. So back to the drawing board.

We were in St. Louis in June so we went back to her original team at St. Louis Children's Hospital. The doctor said from what he can tell from looking, Lucey needs several crowns and a possible root canal. He would not know for sure until he gets in there when she is asleep. They could not get her in....get this....until October 19th. Okay....so let's hope and pray for now she does not have to experience pain. In July she had some pain. I cringed. We were at Disney World (We'll get to that). No problem....a little Tylenol did the trick....


Lucey has been in a lot of pain. For about a week she has had severe pain every day. We have been making phone calls, pleading with the hospital to squeeze her in. She has been through Emergency where I sat in the parking lot while talking to the pediatric nurse on the phone wondering what to do. Lucey is on an antibiotic and pain meds. We are so very careful with her sugar and what she eats. I put clove oil (tastes yucky) on the molars that hurt the worst. Most of all, we pray! You would think fixing teeth would be easy. Not for Lucey. We were told last summer when she had surgery that she has a deformed airway. We were called from the OR and given this very specific piece of information. Important to know in case of an emergency. Lucey can't have surgery just anywhere.

Today I called my prayer warrior friend.....we prayed. Today we got a call from St. Louis letting us know they can fit Lucey in a week from tomorrow!!! My parents arrive on Thursday and leave to go home to St. Louis next Tuesday! Lucey and I are hitching a ride with them. Isn't that wonderful! Lucey and I will fly home a few days after her surgery dependant on how well she is doing. I spent the afternoon (today) working with our insurance and a very helpful case manager at our post hospital. Another answered prayer...her name is Mary and Mary is so compassionate and working hard to get all the referrals in place so Lucey can get the help she needs.

We need to make Lucey comfortable. Please pray that she is not overcome with pain. That her abscess does not make her very sick. Today was so very rough. Thank you so much!

I'm sharing a sneak peek picture of Lucey with Cinderella at our princess breakfast this summer at Disney World. What a fabulous experience. Lucey, myself and my mom enjoyed every minute of our royal dining engagement. Lucey was very much into it. Of course I'll share more later. ;-)


"Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you." (Matthew 7:7)

I'm praising God today for answered prayer.

Where Past Meets Present II


On April 9th, 2011-- Adam became a Soldier in the United States Army Reserves-- Signal Corp.

A few hours later.....he went to his Senior Pom. Balanced between being a man and a teenager.

My handsome boy; not quite 18.

Adam's tiny prom date and very good friend, Andy.

I tried to get the whole group. All of the Senior class are such great friends. All meeting up and enjoying being dressed up together. One of their last big hurrahs!

Look at Adam....looking fresh and young....he looks so much more grown up just 4 1/2 months later. A lot can happen in a short period of time.

The kids went in a huge, stretch limo to dinner while the parents are getting ready for them to make their grand entrance. This is the fun part....having fun with our kids and they were having fun being admired for who they have become and how wonderful they look this night.

Lucey waited patiently as she blew her bubbles.

Adam and Andy walking towards Andy's Father to shake his hand.

A funny comment being made....it went something like, "that's my daughter, take care of her tonight." The crowd of parents were laughing. Of course I know my son would take very good care of his date. He is just that kind of guy.

We took a quick peek at them in the dance....a quick photo and we left them alone.


Sunday August 28, 2011

The latest picture to hit Face book! Another morning to rejoice! To get these treasured snapshots. He is finishing up weapons training here.

Today, Ron take Andrew and Christian for 9 holes of golf.

August 29, 2011

Andrew makes dinner for the family. He went through my cookbooks and decided on the menu.

Andrew is making lemon scones. We have never made them before. They were pretty easy.

He made a Southwest Tortellini Soup. I have made this before and it is very delicious and perfect for a beginner cook.

Voila....a beautiful meal we all enjoyed together. Thank you, Andrew, for putting your heart and soul into this delicious creation.

I'll be back soon for part III



Saturday, August 27, 2011

Where Past Meets Present Part I

Missing Adam


Why? Where is he you ask? Way back in April....April 9th to be exact...Adam was sworn into the United States Army Reserves. He has always wanted to serve. Thinking ROTC Scholarship and maybe going to college in the Midwest. Adam has a calling to learn Mandarin Chinese. After he researched many schools, applied to quite a few he quickly realized that many universities don't offer the complete program he had wanted. He researched more and the University of Hawaii became his first choice. Getting there was going to be an issue. Out of state tuition is expensive and with airline travel also being expensive he started looking into the reserves. It sure helped that his Dad (thanks honey) was the Midwest Recruiting Battalion Commander. ;-) There was a slot open at a reserve unit in communication (Signal Corp) right there near the college. He was accepted.

He went off to Basic Training on July 5th. (I have pictures of that day...I'll share later). The last we spoke to him was July 9th. It is very difficult not being able to talk to your child when for 18 years he has been right here. His happy, loving personality and he is such a great story teller. We miss his stories.

Lucey and I drew this picture for Adam. We have been sending as much mail as our fingers will let....Lucey sings, "I miss you Adam" songs she makes up at random times. It's precious. I'll talk more about the emotional component to this change in our lives at another time....

My two Soldiers....Ron (Adam's Dad) swearing him in. It was very special and very emotional. Ron never misses a beat when giving the oath but on this day, there was a choke in his voice. He read from scripture....our Heavenly Father's Words....then Ron's own words and then the oath of enlistment.

We will never forget this day. A young man making big, manly decisions. I'm so proud of Adam.

Here is Adam at Grenade Qualification Day about a week ago (There are volunteers who go into the field to take pictures for the loved ones at home. It was a blessing that Adam was photographed that day and he thought to send an "I love You" via sign language. Just three weeks from graduation. He does not quite look like himself. I can see where he has matured. He has talked about it in his letters. I know it's been rough but he is doing it. All is letters are very upbeat and humorous.


In the midst of saying good-bye to Adam (more of that crazy story, later)....we were getting ready to say good-bye to friends and family as we were preparing to move. A little extra added stress....not knowing where. A tug of war between some big people... We ended up going to Ft. Sill. We had to move up our pack date due to housing. After 10 days in a La Quinta Inn (because we had our little Maxi with us) a house became available in a historic area of Ft. Sill. Academic Heights....

This is our home....

We have settled in quick. Ron loves his job. I love my nieghbors; everyone is so friendly and I have joined a few groups already. The boys started piano lessons and Boy Scouts and are waiting for basketball season to start. I need to plug Lucey in. I have started homeschooling her for now. More on that later and why I made that decision. So much to share!!!

We move in about 9 months. Now isn't that funny. To Pennsylvania....but for now....we are settled here and making it home.

Andrew and Christian were so happy to be going to school to meet friends. We settled on a small private/Christian school for them. This was their first day in their t-shirts....casual Friday.

I snapped this cute picture of the boys in their uniform shirts heading out the door in the morning. We have a great carpool. I only have to drive every third week!

Come back soon for part II of "Where Past Meets Present." No matter how I journal all that has taken place....I think it's going to get confusing....so hang in there with me.



I need to have my blog spruced up....does anyone have any suggestions of who could do this for me? I have a budget for this. I have looked at a few sites but I'm just not sure where to turn. I thought about trying it myself but I have no clue as to how to do this. As you can see by the way it looks now...I'm no good at this. Thank you for your help.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's Been A Long Time...

It's been a whirl wind of adventure and emotions since our spring Break Vacation to San Antonio....

I have decided that it's time I collect myself and share all that has been going on with the Tucker Troops over the past 5 months....has it really been that long? Maybe the fastest 5 months of my life.

Lot's of Blessings and letting go....not easy to do when I want to control my nomadic world. After 20 years of being an Army Wife one would think I would have learned to roll with the flow...I'm still working on that.

Over the course of the next few days or weeks I'll share how life has unfolded for us...I'm sure none of you are holding your breath!

I'll leave this post with a picture of our sweet girl...Miss Lucey Lu is much more adaptable. She is doing very well other than her teeth are really bothering her. We are working on a plan....more of that later. Please pray for her. She has been in a lot of pain. Today is a better day. She is on an antibiotic which has helped.

Andrew and Christian were not feeling so great about our move but since school has started (8th grade) their hearts have softened and are enjoying their new school and friends.

This taken on their first day of school with my phone....so not great quality.

We are all missing Adam beyond what words can describe. Adam graduates from Basic Training in three weeks and we are all flying out there (Ft. Jackson) to be with him. We are so proud of Adam. He is going Reserves. Following in his Dad's footsteps. After his training he is heading to the University of Hawaii where he will be studying Mandarin Chinese. He is on his way.......we all are lonely for him and his upbeat, energetic personality.

So there is a little snip of our little world. The little world that God has planned for us. Sometimes not easy to understand but we see the blessings in all that has been carved out for us.

Be back soon....