Saturday, August 27, 2011

Where Past Meets Present Part I

Missing Adam


Why? Where is he you ask? Way back in April....April 9th to be exact...Adam was sworn into the United States Army Reserves. He has always wanted to serve. Thinking ROTC Scholarship and maybe going to college in the Midwest. Adam has a calling to learn Mandarin Chinese. After he researched many schools, applied to quite a few he quickly realized that many universities don't offer the complete program he had wanted. He researched more and the University of Hawaii became his first choice. Getting there was going to be an issue. Out of state tuition is expensive and with airline travel also being expensive he started looking into the reserves. It sure helped that his Dad (thanks honey) was the Midwest Recruiting Battalion Commander. ;-) There was a slot open at a reserve unit in communication (Signal Corp) right there near the college. He was accepted.

He went off to Basic Training on July 5th. (I have pictures of that day...I'll share later). The last we spoke to him was July 9th. It is very difficult not being able to talk to your child when for 18 years he has been right here. His happy, loving personality and he is such a great story teller. We miss his stories.

Lucey and I drew this picture for Adam. We have been sending as much mail as our fingers will let....Lucey sings, "I miss you Adam" songs she makes up at random times. It's precious. I'll talk more about the emotional component to this change in our lives at another time....

My two Soldiers....Ron (Adam's Dad) swearing him in. It was very special and very emotional. Ron never misses a beat when giving the oath but on this day, there was a choke in his voice. He read from scripture....our Heavenly Father's Words....then Ron's own words and then the oath of enlistment.

We will never forget this day. A young man making big, manly decisions. I'm so proud of Adam.

Here is Adam at Grenade Qualification Day about a week ago (There are volunteers who go into the field to take pictures for the loved ones at home. It was a blessing that Adam was photographed that day and he thought to send an "I love You" via sign language. Just three weeks from graduation. He does not quite look like himself. I can see where he has matured. He has talked about it in his letters. I know it's been rough but he is doing it. All is letters are very upbeat and humorous.


In the midst of saying good-bye to Adam (more of that crazy story, later)....we were getting ready to say good-bye to friends and family as we were preparing to move. A little extra added stress....not knowing where. A tug of war between some big people... We ended up going to Ft. Sill. We had to move up our pack date due to housing. After 10 days in a La Quinta Inn (because we had our little Maxi with us) a house became available in a historic area of Ft. Sill. Academic Heights....

This is our home....

We have settled in quick. Ron loves his job. I love my nieghbors; everyone is so friendly and I have joined a few groups already. The boys started piano lessons and Boy Scouts and are waiting for basketball season to start. I need to plug Lucey in. I have started homeschooling her for now. More on that later and why I made that decision. So much to share!!!

We move in about 9 months. Now isn't that funny. To Pennsylvania....but for now....we are settled here and making it home.

Andrew and Christian were so happy to be going to school to meet friends. We settled on a small private/Christian school for them. This was their first day in their t-shirts....casual Friday.

I snapped this cute picture of the boys in their uniform shirts heading out the door in the morning. We have a great carpool. I only have to drive every third week!

Come back soon for part II of "Where Past Meets Present." No matter how I journal all that has taken place....I think it's going to get hang in there with me.



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  1. Wow! Lots of big changes going on for your family. I learned how to "spruce-up" my blog by googling it. There are easy to follow instructions all over the web. Also, thanks for your kind words about my photography. I am having lots of fun practicing. is now offering classes to non-members. Their classes are great! All the best to your family.

  2. It is SO wonderful to hear from you and catch up on your precious family!!! I have missed you! Love your house and can't believe you are moving again. I am able to work on blogs and make headers. I would be glad to help you in any way!!! Blessings and love!

  3. Seeing the picture Lucey drew for her big brother made me teary! I hope your time in Oklahoma is full of fun and that you get to visit Adam in Hawaii in the not too distant future!

  4. 529 Lindsay ave .... I moved out summer of 2011 when I was 10 I'm 14 now and all I have to say is that house was the best thing that ever happened to me .... It's sorta where I grew up I guess thanks for sharing the pic


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