Friday, August 22, 2008

Lucey Lou Update

It's been awhile since I've written about how Lucey Lou's adoption is coming along. The past month has been the most difficult for me so far. The month has had some downs but also some very good news. First, we've had a few documents "expire" so I was on the hunt for new originals and then there were a few silly mishaps....for example, one of the notaries had her name misspelled on her notary stamp. I was a bit weepy after I heard that I had to hunt down yet another document because of this person's mistake. I had already sent our dossier to the courier and then there was more waiting as I ran around town again gathering the document and a signature. It put us a week behind schedule. I have had to rely on patience from God and His perfect timing in this process. Thank you to the Lord for His peace. I'm at peace once again.

Lucey's picture again... Thank you for praying for her.

Lucey at 11 months old. We hope to have an update and new pictures soon.

We have a good start to her room. I'm still looking for drapes. I think she will feel cozy here.

I thought she needed a little monogrammed pillow that "says" I belong here. We are waiting for you Lucey!

I have a few Nell Hill items I purchased a long time ago never thinking they would go in our little girl's room someday.

A few more things for Lucey I purchased recently.

This is it-- The completed authenticated dossier--I can't believe it all finally came together!

I'm off to Ron's office to copy the dossier. I need three extra sets. Ron is going to help me.

The copies are made and Ron is holding the original. He is ready to take it to the post office. I had a hard time letting it go. All that work, all that emotion and off it goes.
Update: It arrived safely to the person who will be mailing it off to China. The dossier will be mailed to China on Monday. What a relief. Now we sit and wait.

We are ready to go! Hang on Lucey-- We are coming to get you soon!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Welcome Home Ron!

Ron came home on Friday, August 15th around 2:00 in the afternoon. We were so happy to see him walk through the door. He traveled about 2,500 miles home in the ROTC truck. Needless to say he was pretty tired when he arrived. His trip to Ft. Lewis, Washington was a busy time so he started his trip home needing some sleep. He left Washington on Monday, August 11th. He made a stop in Wyoming to visit his wonderful Aunt Sue and Uncle Mel. His visit was so enjoyable and they made him feel right at home. Can you believe he fed a fox from his hand. Mel is very personal with the wild life out there. We have a picture to prove it. Amazing! Thank you to the Tuckers for having Ron for an evening. He stopped in Colorado Springs and visited with our friends from our early military days, the great to see them and their precious children. Thanks Elizabeth for feeding Ron a delicious meal. He really enjoyed catching up with you. His next stop was in Kansas City and we send many thanks to Auntie M. and Uncle Paul for creating a relaxing and warm visit at their home. I always say they have a "spa" atmosphere. We love our deep conversations too. After K.C. he arrived here on our doorstep....what a wonderful sight! The boys and I had to fight Max for the coveted embrace. Boy, I never saw a dog get so excited, so happy and so obnoxious for attention. He was wedging himself in between Ron, me and the boys. It was quite funny. Adam had started school and had soccer practice in the afternoon so we all ventured over to the soccer fields to watch Adam practice.

While we were watching Adam, we couldn't help but hug and laugh and goof around. We started snapping pictures.

Adam got a water break and he headed straight for Ron....The pictures are somewhat out of order. I don't have the time or patience to figure that piece of blogging out.

I love the action shot. Not bad with a not so great camera.

Andrew and Ron.

Christian and Ron.

They look so much like their Dad and very happy too!

Friday, August 8, 2008

She is here and she is quite lovely....

Our very special friends: The Butlers gave birth to a sweet baby girl:
Born July 23rd 2008
7 pounds 5 ounces. 20 inches
Lena has a wonderful and smart big brother--Henri, 9 years old. She also has a happy and helpful big sister--Lydia, 5 years old.

Veronique and I have been friends for 20 years. She is so dear to me. I couldn't be happier for her and her newest little one and her precious family. We rejoice and pray for them as they embrace another Butler. She is perfect and right where she should be.

Congratulations to you Veronique and Kevin! We can't wait to someday meet Lena and see all of you again!



Thursday, August 7, 2008

Home Again--

Pictures of Adam's departure to Virginia- Aug. 4th, 2008

Papa Dave came to wish Adam farewell.

Dad called from the West Coast to say good-bye and give Adam a few encouraging words.

While waiting for Adam's flight, Adam shares his new book on China with Andrew and Christian.

Saying good-bye to my first born. Thanks Christian, for taking such a great photo.

Andrew, Christian and I picked Adam up from the airport this afternoon--8/7/08. Adam had a fantastic trip and said, "It was very productive." The Accessions Command Teen Panel have put some plans into work to improve lives of military teens living all over the world. He felt they came up with some great ideas and are ready to continue their efforts in moving forward--putting ideas into action. Great job Adam and all of your peers for working hard these past 4 days.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The House Feels A Bit Empty:

It does...the house is a bit quiet with Ron on the West Coast and Adam On the East Coast. Andrew, Christian and I are right here in the middle of the USA feeling a little lonely for the two big guys. Today, Ron has been gone exactly 5 weeks. I know, you may be thinking that at least he's in the United States or that we are used to him being gone but you know what...I don't think that a person ever gets "used to" the people they love the most being gone for an extended period of time no matter where they are off to. With that said, we wait eagerly and patiently for Ron to come home in just two weeks. We are counting down the days!

As for Adam...he is TDY (for those of you non-military people that means Temporary Duty) to the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area. This is the second year of Adam's commitment to the Accessions Command Teen Panel. Last year Adam applied by sending an application, several essays, a recommendation letter from our Pastor and sent in his grades and was one of 9 students selected from across the country to sit on the panel of military teens. His job is to help come up with ways to improve the lives of military teens stationed in remote areas (not on a military post). It's a leadership opportunity as well. He and the team of students will brainstorm ideas and come up with a presentation that they will articulate to the commanding general...LTG Benjamin C. can read more about him here. Adam is a great guy for the job because he has embraced our military lifestyle and enjoys moving and meeting new people. He has a great attitude. You can ask anyone who knows us and Adam and they will tell you the same. Adam left yesterday morning on 9:00 a.m. flight. Papa Dave met us at the airport to support Adam in his endeavor and to send Adam off with a big bear hug. Thanks Dad! I have to admit; I was a bit nervous for Adam as he navigated by himself through security and on to his gate. Then, I was a bit worried about him finding his way to baggage claim in Virginia and meeting up with "his people." Adam is a very confident young man for just 15 and I should not worry. But, I am his Mom and I only have but one Adam. Adam--we miss you! See you on Thursday. prudent with your spending. :-)


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Birthday Wishes for You Ron--


5 weeks is a long time to be away. We miss you very much! Only two more weeks to go. We are counting down the days until you return.
We decided collectively that having pie in honor of your birthday was a great idea!
We hope your day was a blessed one. We will celebrate when you get back.
Love you bunches!!!
Beth, Adam, Andrew and Christian
We're a bit off key. :-)