Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Little About Adam

On February 5th Adam and I went to Mom Prom. It's a dance for Mom's and their Son's--a tradition at Adam's school. All those boys say this is their favorite dance because there is absolutely no drama. Just a bunch of boys dancing with their moms and having a blast. We had so much fun last year but this year was even better. The Senior boys were the highlight. There was a slide show with pictures of each of the boys starting with their baby pictures. Ahhhh....just so cute. We played games to include one that was like the Newlywed Game. I think, if score was being counted, Adam and I would have won! We danced the entire night! Adam is a fantastic dancer! Nothing shy about Adam.

Adam had to get his wisdom teeth taken out on February 11th. Boy, what a painful ordeal that was for him. He ended up getting dry sockets on the bottom two. I don't think I have ever seen him in so much pain. I really felt helpless other than praying with him and driving him back and forth to the surgeon to have the sockets cleaned and packed.

Thankfully Adam is pain free now.....but, he ended up with a stomach bug on Monday morning (more on that to hit 4 out of the 6 of us!) so he was in bed again!
Adam has lost quite a bit of weight during this whole ordeal. I've been giving him Ensure to help him gain some back.
I do believe today I see a flicker of light in our little tunnel.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Blizzard 2011

Just a few pictures to remember the blizzard that hit at the beginning of February. So much of the country was affected by the crazy storm. I'm sure, as I type this, there are places that are dealing with flooding as the snow melts away. I'm so happy that the snow is melting around here.

The snow was blowing sideways. We lost heat for a few hours during the bitter cold. We got it fixed promptly and we were so grateful for the men who came on short notice.

The snow was accumulating quickly.

The sun came out and the hard work began. This picture is of Christian. All the boys took turns. How great to have strong muscles in our home.
I have a feeling that was not the last of the snow. I'm enjoying the moderate temperatures we are having now.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

B-Ball Boy

January came and went so quickly. Part of the month was dedicated to the start of basketball season for Christian. He plays for his middle school. He tried out in December and made the team despite never having played before.

Christian is in blue and gold in the center of the picture.

He started this game.

Taking the ball down court....

Getting in there....

Taking the shot.....

It sure looks like it went in....but it didn't. Good try Christian.

It's been a rough season for the team. Our boys go to school on the Fort. Almost the entire student body leaves every year and a new group comes in. Why? Because the Fort we live on is known for the prestigious Military college. A one year school. These boys play together for the first time coming in from all over the world. I think they are doing well despite this setback. They play schools where the kids grow up playing with one another. The team has really bonded and they work hard.
They have won two games and those were exciting.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Christmas Vacation Part V

We headed for St. Louis a few days after we said good-bye to Spark. We planned a packed full schedule in our home city. Thank you to all who fed us, housed us and gathered with us.

1. We had dinner with my very dear friend from High School, Renee (Lucey's God Mother) and her sweet family.
2. We visited a college that Adam is very interested in attending. He loves it even more now. He has been accepted. He just needs to make a final decision.
3. We had lunch with another dear friend, Jeanne and her amazing family. We met at Pasta House! A favorite restaurant of mine from childhood.
4. We took a quick trip to Illinois to see yet more special friends and even spent the night with them. Katie, Jim and Ben! What a relaxing time filled with a marathon visit.
5. We had a late Christmas exchange with my sister, husband and sweet little boy at Mom and Dad's house. Lucey adores her little cousin. :-) As do we all.

I took a break from the camera to enjoy living in the moment.

We ended our visit with a beautiful wedding on Ron's side of the family. They are such a warm and welcoming group of people always making us feel a part of all their special occasions.

Stefani and Patrick...beautiful bride and groom.

This sweet couple belongs to Linda (Ron's cousin), gorgeous mother of the groom...John---Dad, and Brendan....the grooms brother.

There I am sitting with all the young pretty girls in the family. Look at that scrumptious center piece. I was in awe of it. The flowers are all real and the little flowers streaming down are all hand tied to gold wire.

Ron was so good to take over my camera. Another angle of the table. Cousin Dale and Marylou and David.

And yet another angle....there's Ruth and Jenna peaking through.

The venue was on the corner of the building. What a view!

I loved the different.

We enjoyed a delicious sit down meal....the menu.

Beautiful Mother and Son dance.

This was the Christmas tree in the corner of the ballroom. Look at the big silver balls surrounding the tree.

Cousins Diane and Gene and new grand baby boy...congratulations!!!

The view out the window....The St. Louis Arch and courthouse.

A fuzzy picture of Ron and I... a nice guest was kind to take the picture.

Dancing with the younger group....our 3rd cousins? Heck...I'm not sure what the relationship is at this doesn't matter....special people!
I think I'm all caught up on our Christmas vacation. It was busy, filled with lot's of company, events, friends and family!!!
Next....catching up through January.
I'm determined to get our pictures all on the blog! Thanks for following along!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Christmas Vacation Part IV

Spark's Last Evening With Us

We took Spark to the Asian market in Kansas City because he wanted to make a special dinner for us before he left. The boys were so excited and set the table with a silk runner, tea set and chopsticks purchased in China while Ron and Adam were in China almost two years ago with Lucey. (I can hardly believe it's been two years!)

Lucey wanted to wear something special for this occasion. She also wore her little chopsticks in her hair.

Spark is making a mixture with finely chopped veggies and pork for the wantons.

As the men all cook together....Lucey and Ron snuggle on the couch.

Spark gives us all a lesson on how to fold a wanton the correct way. Let me tell you, he is very picky as to how this is to be done...Spark, if you are reading this...I say this with love! We made a lot and Spark was very patient with us.

We folded a bundle and refolding when we didn't do it correctly ;-) I am a master at this now!

Spark made a dish with cabbage.

More snuggling and still make-up free! Ha!

Cooking the cabbage. Adam lends a hand.

Spark gets us to the table and pours hot sauce into our soups for a little extra flavor. It was delicious!!!

Miss Lu is pretty handy with her chops.

She loved it all as did the rest of us.

We put Lucey to bed and we all crowded around the island once again for a tea ceremony.

Spark, it was an absolute delight and a gift to have you in our home and getting to know you. You are a very special person and we all adore you. Thank you so much for all the gifts, the wonderful meal you prepared us and sharing tea and your customs with us. We miss you and hope to see you again in the not so far off future! God's Blessings and Peace upon you!
With Love,
The Tucker Troops

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Christmas Vacation Part III

Christmas Morning


Lucey wanted Santa to bring her a jump rope for Christmas and the game Uno Moo. So hard to please. ;-) I love this age! She was the first one up on Christmas morning. It was so dear to spend the first few minutes with Lucey. She was delighted with her new gifts.

Our tradition is to make breakfast and nibble while we open gifts. This year there was a house full of people and two dogs. A little more active than usual so we opted to serve ourselves and eat at the table together while the boys read from the Bible--remembering once again the reason for this Holy celebration. (My quiches were not out of the oven for the picture....darn...they turned out so yummy)

Nana, Papa and Adam.

Christian and Andrew.

The Tucker boys.

Christian and Spark. (We bought Spark a pair of matching jammie pants to wear along with the Tucker men. He was so agreeable to all over our silliness.)

The Tucker Twins with Nana and Papa.

Spark and Andrew.

The Jammie girls and a fun gift for Lucey.

Lucey taking her new puppy for a walk.

Papa hand crafted this beautiful cradle for Lucey and Nana bought her this adorable doll with a set of clothes to dress her in. It was waiting by the door for her and Lucey quietly spotted it, knelt down and so sweetly started rocking her new baby. I forgot it was sitting there. She was so happy.

Christmas afternoon my Uncle Paul came with gifts galore. That evening my Aunt Clare and Uncle Vic arrived for dessert. It was such a nice gathering. Lucey and my Uncle Paul, he gave her that cute bear. My Mom and her sister, Aunt Clare in the back ground and in the far, far background you can see my Uncle Vic talking to my Dad.

Ron was taking most of the pictures and I realized he is not in any of the ones we have. I can't believe it. On this evening he spent most of the time cleaning up the huge dinner mess. Bless his heart. What would I do without him!

Uncle Paul and Adam.

Andrew and Uncle Paul.

Christian and Uncle Paul.

Spark! The Birthday Boy!!! At the end of the day we celebrated this special young man and his 19 years. Happy Birthday to Spark!

He was so happy and so very thankful.

A Blessing!