Thursday, February 3, 2011

Christmas Vacation Part IV

Spark's Last Evening With Us

We took Spark to the Asian market in Kansas City because he wanted to make a special dinner for us before he left. The boys were so excited and set the table with a silk runner, tea set and chopsticks purchased in China while Ron and Adam were in China almost two years ago with Lucey. (I can hardly believe it's been two years!)

Lucey wanted to wear something special for this occasion. She also wore her little chopsticks in her hair.

Spark is making a mixture with finely chopped veggies and pork for the wantons.

As the men all cook together....Lucey and Ron snuggle on the couch.

Spark gives us all a lesson on how to fold a wanton the correct way. Let me tell you, he is very picky as to how this is to be done...Spark, if you are reading this...I say this with love! We made a lot and Spark was very patient with us.

We folded a bundle and refolding when we didn't do it correctly ;-) I am a master at this now!

Spark made a dish with cabbage.

More snuggling and still make-up free! Ha!

Cooking the cabbage. Adam lends a hand.

Spark gets us to the table and pours hot sauce into our soups for a little extra flavor. It was delicious!!!

Miss Lu is pretty handy with her chops.

She loved it all as did the rest of us.

We put Lucey to bed and we all crowded around the island once again for a tea ceremony.

Spark, it was an absolute delight and a gift to have you in our home and getting to know you. You are a very special person and we all adore you. Thank you so much for all the gifts, the wonderful meal you prepared us and sharing tea and your customs with us. We miss you and hope to see you again in the not so far off future! God's Blessings and Peace upon you!
With Love,
The Tucker Troops


  1. Wow! Love the outfit, the no makeup, those wantons, that runner chopsticks...on table and HAIR! And especially the great gathering!! looks so fun..

  2. Feel free to pass on Spark's wonton folding wisdom. I was going to make them last weekend but got sick and orderd PF Changs takeout instead. ;-) Your meal looks much yummier!

  3. Love love love reading about your precious family!!! Love Spark too!!!
    Blessings and joy!


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