Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Christmas Vacation Part III

Christmas Morning


Lucey wanted Santa to bring her a jump rope for Christmas and the game Uno Moo. So hard to please. ;-) I love this age! She was the first one up on Christmas morning. It was so dear to spend the first few minutes with Lucey. She was delighted with her new gifts.

Our tradition is to make breakfast and nibble while we open gifts. This year there was a house full of people and two dogs. A little more active than usual so we opted to serve ourselves and eat at the table together while the boys read from the Bible--remembering once again the reason for this Holy celebration. (My quiches were not out of the oven for the picture....darn...they turned out so yummy)

Nana, Papa and Adam.

Christian and Andrew.

The Tucker boys.

Christian and Spark. (We bought Spark a pair of matching jammie pants to wear along with the Tucker men. He was so agreeable to all over our silliness.)

The Tucker Twins with Nana and Papa.

Spark and Andrew.

The Jammie girls and a fun gift for Lucey.

Lucey taking her new puppy for a walk.

Papa hand crafted this beautiful cradle for Lucey and Nana bought her this adorable doll with a set of clothes to dress her in. It was waiting by the door for her and Lucey quietly spotted it, knelt down and so sweetly started rocking her new baby. I forgot it was sitting there. She was so happy.

Christmas afternoon my Uncle Paul came with gifts galore. That evening my Aunt Clare and Uncle Vic arrived for dessert. It was such a nice gathering. Lucey and my Uncle Paul, he gave her that cute bear. My Mom and her sister, Aunt Clare in the back ground and in the far, far background you can see my Uncle Vic talking to my Dad.

Ron was taking most of the pictures and I realized he is not in any of the ones we have. I can't believe it. On this evening he spent most of the time cleaning up the huge dinner mess. Bless his heart. What would I do without him!

Uncle Paul and Adam.

Andrew and Uncle Paul.

Christian and Uncle Paul.

Spark! The Birthday Boy!!! At the end of the day we celebrated this special young man and his 19 years. Happy Birthday to Spark!

He was so happy and so very thankful.

A Blessing!




  1. EK got the walking puppy and a doll too for Christmas~ wouldn't they have a ball playing together???
    blessings and joy!

  2. What a gift to have a Papa who is handy with wood! That is a beautiful cradle. Lydia is very into caring for her baby these days too. Thanks for your note! We've been so busy but I did appreciate hearing your update!

  3. cool:)dog is so beautiful.
    please !


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