Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Christmas Vacation Part II (oh my)

I'm still determined to get these pictures on the blog....

Christmas Eve

Presents under the tree.

We live next to the sweetest family who live out their faith by their actions. The song that sings.... "They'll know we are Christian's by our love, by our love......" describes the Choi's. We are blessed to have them right next to us. They asked if they could join us for Christmas Eve service. I was thrilled. I was planning a simple, early dinner so we invited them to join us.

They have 4 children. I was determined to squeeze us all around the table so we could "break bread" together.

Lucey doesn't use the high chair anymore but we needed space at the table and she agreed to it this time.

After dinner Lucey and I excused ourselves to dress for church. Lucey stopped by the tree to take a peek at the gifts.

Lucey was so excited to have a battery powered candle stick like the rest of us.

Andrew and Christian played hand bells in the choir. They played a duet in a small section of the music. They have been working hard over the past month in an all adult choir. I was so proud of them. It was their desire to join the group. They were extra pleased to be playing for our neighbors who asked to join us when they found out Andrew and Christian were ringing the bells. Making a joyful noise unto the Lord. As we celebrated the birth of Jesus. It was a beautiful service.

Hugs for Andrew with Christian peeking over.

The men....with Lucey getting her little face in there.

Spark brought tea with him. He showed us how they enjoy a cup of tea in his native China. We all huddled around the kitchen island. With our neighbor Kathryn and her youngest, Christian.

My Mom and Dad came in later Christmas Eve evening, just in time for tea and fellowship. Christian, Adam and neighbor Titus in the background.

Kathryn, Faith, Christian and myself.

Spark was having a pre-birthday cupcake....we found out that Spark was celebrating his birthday on Christmas day. More to come on the birthday boy.
It was a fun evening!

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  1. What a lovely gathering! You all are so blessed to have each other!!!
    Blessings and Joy!


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