Monday, January 24, 2011

Christmas Vacation Part I

Yes, I'm really going all the way back to Pre-Christmas...just over a month ago already.

At the time, we were so very busy that I was not able to capture all the fun we had. We had a special house guest come and stay for a week. Spark! He was a boarding student from China last year and went to school with Adam. This year he is studying Engineering at Penn State. He and Adam were good friends but oddly enough, I had never met Spark.

Spark was so easy to have and he fit right into our big family. He really went along with all of our traditions in an eager and gracious way.

This is how Spark ties his shoes. Isn't that great? He said it took him an hour...he will be a talented engineer some day!

Lucey adored him. Spark was so sweet with Lucey who was always following him around and giving him a leg hug.

Lucey decorated a ginger bread house. I really didn't have to help much. (Pardon me....I don't have any makeup on. Apparently, as you will see in the future pictures I post, I didn't wear much makeup over the break....hmmmmm.....Oh well....the real me.)

I started frosting the house for her but she quickly took over.

Placing each piece of candy in her perfect order.

Looking beautiful.

I found the perfect spot on the buffet for her masterpiece.
More to come. Mainly for our own memories.


  1. Adorable little house and adorable mom~ no makeup and all. I didn't wear it much either. :)
    Blessings and Joy!

  2. my dear friend, you are stunning in your natural beauty and some day all your daughter's in law will thank you for raising your boys to appreciate natural beauty!

    loving Ms Lucey's long hair and pretty bows...yes, Morgan would've totally taken over decorating "her house" at this age too. heck, now she would bake it to boot! ;-)


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