Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pretty In Pink

Lucey had a great morning in ballet class with Miss Katie and all the little girls. Our neighbor and Lucey's good friend, Whitney, is in the class. Whitney's Mom, Elizabeth, is a very good friend of mine so we had fun in the lobby catching up and talking about the girls.

Lucey is ready for the doors to open.

She was a little nervous.

Taking a peek to see what's inside the dance studio.

She clung to me for just a bit and I reassured her she would be fine and I scooted out very quickly not looking back. I knew I needed to dash out before she clung to me even more.

She took a quick moment to regroup....I could see the wheels turning as I peeked through the door way and then she listened to the directions and she was off. The two little girls sitting in the background were struggling with leaving their mama. Miss Katie, a rather large imposing woman, took them by the arms and told them they could sit "right there" until they were ready to join the girls. Yikes! I have a feeling there will be no shenanigans tolerated in this class.

Roll Call.

More directions. Something is funny.

Whitney and Lucey....Sweet Friends.

Parents are not allowed in the room. There was a little narrow window with a diamond grid in the door of the classroom. I was taking photos crunched up against the glass at an angle focusing between the lines. I just had to get photos of my sweet baby girl taking her first dance lesson.
Lucey followed directions beautifully. The class is for girls between the ages of 3-5 so she is one of the younger girls.
For the past week Lucey has been sick with an ear infection. Her first dance lesson was supposed to be last Saturday but she woke up with a 102 degree temperature which led us the clinic to check her ear. Poor thing....she also had wax build up and needed her ear to be cleaned out which made her cry. With only one ear, I cringe when she gets an ear infection.
She is doing well today....unfortunately a few of the other troops are sick though. :-(


  1. She looked adorable and SO glad she enjoyed it!!! Love the little friend photo!!! :)

  2. She looked adorable and SO glad she enjoyed it!!! Love the little friend photo!!! :)

  3. Lucey is a vision in pink! Jia took a little 2 week 'pre-dance' session last fall. They had blinds up on the windows and didn't allow parents in. Jia kept running to the windows and pulling the blinds back to make sure I was still there. So we didn't enroll in the actual dance class yet. Maybe this fall. She still wears her ballet and tap shoes around the house all the time!
    I'm so glad Lucey enjoyed the class!

  4. We have to take Lydia in to clean out the wax as well. Her one ear canal is so narrow that it doesn't take much for it to get blocked. I feel silly telling the nurse that is our reason for visiting but the doctor usually loves working on my very good little patient. She seems to know when her ear is being worked on. It is the only time she ever sits still. ;-)


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