Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cousins Come To Play

My Aunt Clare, my Cousin Emily from Chicago and her two little guys came over on this day to play. We talked a lot about parenting and just life in general. We ate, laughed and just enjoyed ourselves. Lucey did pretty well sharing....she doesn't have to share too often so it was good for her. She had several moments where she wasn't sure about the boys playing with her toys. We moved through those moments gracefully.

A little Easter decor.

I made some treats .

We ate a healthy lunch. Our favorites. Lucey loves her PBJ. I love dill chicken salad.

The boys ate at Lucey's little table and she sat in her highchair with a good view of them. They are so cute.

Lucey ran around with out her pants. She had on her cloth trainers and is doing so well taking herself to the potty. The boys didn't seem to mind at all that she was missing her britches.

Today was all about the trains. Crawling around and being silly.

Emily and I.

Aunt Clare and I.

Andrew and Christian came home from school and jumped into playing. Two sets of twins...quadruple the fun. We were missing one on this picture...I think he was snuggling with his Grandma.
"We will see all of you on April 2nd...can't wait!"

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Special Guest and More Snow

Our family was blessed by a man named Stewart who is a missionary with Jews for Jesus. He stayed with us last night after he spoke at our church. I had some dessert for all of us and we kept him up until midnight asking him all kinds of questions. I know he was tired but he was so interesting and had such a great story to tell. A Jewish man who is giving his life to Jesus. If you want to learn more about what Stewart does you can go here. The web site is fantastic. They can use financial support and prayer support.

Today we woke up to this......

After a big brunch and talking with Stewart some more it was time for him to get on his way. Ron led us in prayer and then all the guys headed out to shovel a path for Stewart. We offered for him to stay another night but he doesn't stop...he is on a mission.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Break Part 4

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'm half Irish so that makes Adam 100% Irish. At least he says so. This morning he stopped by a friend's house on his way to school to create an Irish breakfast....I can't imagine. Adam doesn't cook. He had fun though.

Adam dressed as an Irishman playing a fiddle....silly boy. No dress code today. And...he really doesn't play the violin, if you are wondering. He is able to play by ear a little and has fun with it.

I took the boys and Lucey and headed for Osage Beach. I met my good friend Jeanne and her two kiddos for a fun time at a resort with an indoor water park.

The kids are ready to go...Megan and Lucey with their tutu suits.

The Mamas....we have our suits on but feeling much better being covered up. At least I did. I dreaded taking of my cover up. I did though! The water park was a whole lot of fun. Lucey is fearless. The girl and I went down several water slides--she sat between my legs. They were tunnels so we were in the dark with water splashing up in our faces. She loved it. Jeanne and I both went down the monster slides with our big boys. Jeanne--we were super moms that day.

We are dressed in green ready to have our corn beef and cabbage. It was delicious!

Lucey was waiting patiently for her meal.

That bear was great...stuffed of course. It looks like it is ready to take a bite out of Jack.

Megan reading Lucey a book.

The next day it was to the pool and in the hot tub for Jack, Andrew and Christian.

Lucey is losing it. She was so tired and in tears. Here she is standing in front of the spa. I was thinking about how nice it would be to be having a massage at that moment.

A total melt down.
This place had so many stairs it was unbelievable. No elevators. I got a work out with Miss L.L. She walked and did the stairs so we would go slow or I would pick her up and tote her 25 pound body....she starts to feel heavy after awhile. Great exercise for me.
It was such a fun time. Thanks Jeanne, you made St. Pat's day extra fun with all of your beads, cookies and that yummy bottle of wine you brought. ;-) I loved the girl time too.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break Part 3

Even though it's our anniversary's a weekday and it's still spring break. With Ron's busy job and 4 kiddos....let's just say, we didn't get to celebrate by going out together. Someday...and that's okay. Maybe next year?

We got an early start this morning. It was dental appointments for Andrew and Christian. Christian got a tooth pulled and did great. Andrew got sealants. No problem.

We then headed off to Kansas City to visit this beautiful Grandma. My kid's Great Grandma. Isn't she beautiful. She will be 97 this summer. It's just not possible. She is so easy to talk to and visit with and so very sharp. My kids love to spend time with her. So do I.

We love you Grandma!!!
After a visit with Grandma it was off to our favorite bakery for lunch. Then to the book store and a little shopping. We had to race home in time for a parent's soccer meeting.
A busy fun day!

19 Years!

I met Ron while working out with our college cheer leading squad. He came up to the gym during practice one afternoon. I remember that moment like it was yesterday....His smile was beautiful-- Ron's eyes light up when he smiles. They still do. He saw me and joined the team. I still think that is so funny. He had just come off of active duty. I was told he was a Ranger...I thought, oh, a forest ranger? He let me believe that for awhile. :-) Anyway, he is an Airborne Ranger . He had been around the world and back several times. He had jumped into combat...the lowest combat jump in History. His roommate died in his arms that day. He survived. As for me....a silly sorority girl with very silly worries. I do believe that the Lord put us together for His purpose. We dated for four years. It was four years of ups and downs...both of us coming from very different backgrounds. We do balance each other. Here we are....19 years later. I could not imagine myself anywhere else. I feel so blessed.

My day was just what I had planned. I enjoyed every minute of March 16th, 1991.
Happy Anniversary--
I love you Ron!
PS...I'm sharing this verse's one I need to visit often. Especially, sadly, when I'm critical of Ron.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7 :
"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres."

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break Part 2

The boys invited two friends to spend the night on the 14th. They had it all planned out...chess, hide and seek, they each play an instrument so they worked on some songs for their "new band," X-B*x of course and a movie. They are a good group...lots of energy and lots of fun. The boys decided on tacos for dinner and two pies for dessert...coconut cream and lemon meringue. I really enjoy my kids having friends over...especially since they have nice friends.

Eating tacos.

Lucey is having more like a taco salad.

The next day they went out for a bike ride.

Poor Lucey....she would love to be big enough to go along. For the first time....she was the pesky little sister. She's not used to being removed from anyone in our house. The boys needed some space at one point and it was difficult on Lucey. It just wasn't the same playing with me. I know the boys felt bad. They all just love Lucey.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Break Part I:

Andrew and Christian are officially on Spring Break! (As of March 13) A chess tournament between the guys in the house. I have no idea who won. Ron and Christian play their game in the kitchen...

Lucey is helping the guys set up the board in the living room.

Andrew and Adam playing their game.

I have no idea who won...I know everyone was in good spirits at the end of it all. What a great way to start vacation.

Best Friends

A year ago Lucey was terrified of little Max. She shook with fear every time he came near her. Poor Max spent a lot of time alone in a room when Lucey was up and walking around. We worked hard with Lucey and Max and getting over her fear of him. It really didn't take long for her to adjust to him. But now.....

Lucey LOVES him! He is her playmate. He is so tolerant of all she does with him. Hugs, kisses, tugs on him, and....dresses him up in headbands. I think he loves all the attention. Lucey also pets him and rubs his ears. Max is really not very tolerant of little ones. But, Lucey can do no wrong --most of the time...once in a while he gives her a gentle warning that she has crossed the boundary--we all need boundaries....yes? Speaking of boundaries....I've been working on my own. (Another post for another day....maybe.)

Lucey put the white islet head band around Max. I guess she is trying to make him a Girly Guy.

It's hard to see but the head band is now on his head.

On the floor together...they snuggle, roll around and play. She also was having fun with a shoe string. For the past few days Max has been walking around with it hanging off of him.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Spending Time With Family

The last few weeks we have squeezed in some visits with family.

In St. Louis:

Adam and Lucey getting ready to order some Sushi.

We were in St. Louis recently where we linked up with our case worker. Carol is like family...we owe a lot to her...she helped "birth" Lucey into our family. She was our---yes---- our midwife.


n. pl. mid·wives (-wvz)
1. A person, usually a woman, who is trained to assist women in childbirth.
2. One who assists in or takes a part in bringing about a result:

This is Carol...I think her job is harder than a midwife. Most of these adoption "pregnancies" go way overdue. There can be many complications and hysterical mommies. She is the picture of calm and has many solutions up her sleeve. She held our hand through the whole process and in the end....a healthy baby girl named, Lucey Louise Yue. Thank you Carol, for everything. Words can't express how we feel about you.

Carol and The Troops

We said "good-bye for now" to Carol (We will be seeing you again for sure!) and took a stroll around the mall. Nana came with us.

There was a happy belated birthday surprise for the Tucker Twins.

Handcrafted by Papa....Chess Sets for each of them. Ohhhhhhhh----ahhhhhhhh---beautiful! The tops open to reveal the chess pieces. Thank you Dad! The first thing they did when we got home was to play each other a game of chess. You will have to ask them who won. Papa also made them a 3-D puzzle. We set the timer and time each other to see who can put it together the quickest. They also love their Packer hats!! Awesome!

Hugs from Christian while Andrew checks out the pieces.

Hugs from Andrew.

Papa and the grand kids.

Nana and Lucey

Nothing like Kisses on the fingers from Nana.
At our home in Ft. Leavenworth:
We had a visit from Auntie M. and Uncle Paul O. It was a quiet, delightful afternoon. I made us super big salads with everything you can imagine, we ate, visited and just shared. It was so relaxing. Lucey was all sweetness that afternoon. Her only wish was that someone would read to her. She got her wish...

Auntie M. reading one of Lucey's favorites.

Uncle Paul.....get ready, your turn next! Lucey took a stack of books to uncle Paul and they snuggled for awhile.

The boys came home from school eager to visit. They love family visits. We all shared in some Lemon Meringue pie together.

In Kansas City:
We were invited to a second cousin's basketball game. She played great! The best on her team. She is number 5....with the ball ready to score!

Lucey had fun strolling around on the edge of the court. We had to visit the ladies room as well (so far potty training is going well...even in public). She did well at the game.
We all went out for pizza afterwards. Then back to Uncle Paul M.'s house to visit.

Aunt Clare was on the floor with Lucey--playing and reading Encyclopedias to her. Yes...that's right....Encyclopedias. I know most people don't use them today. We have a you?

Ron was on his way back from out of town with the "little" boys and stopped by to say hi. It was so nice to be together. Lucey is still with Aunt Clare....see her on her lap ;-) Uncle Vic was there too....Lucey did well warming up to her two Uncles and gave kisses and hugs good-bye.
We move in about a year so these visits mean a lot. The last 4 years we have lived near family. Who knows where we will end up next.