Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Special Guest and More Snow

Our family was blessed by a man named Stewart who is a missionary with Jews for Jesus. He stayed with us last night after he spoke at our church. I had some dessert for all of us and we kept him up until midnight asking him all kinds of questions. I know he was tired but he was so interesting and had such a great story to tell. A Jewish man who is giving his life to Jesus. If you want to learn more about what Stewart does you can go here. The web site is fantastic. They can use financial support and prayer support.

Today we woke up to this......

After a big brunch and talking with Stewart some more it was time for him to get on his way. Ron led us in prayer and then all the guys headed out to shovel a path for Stewart. We offered for him to stay another night but he doesn't stop...he is on a mission.

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