Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Break Part 4

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'm half Irish so that makes Adam 100% Irish. At least he says so. This morning he stopped by a friend's house on his way to school to create an Irish breakfast....I can't imagine. Adam doesn't cook. He had fun though.

Adam dressed as an Irishman playing a fiddle....silly boy. No dress code today. And...he really doesn't play the violin, if you are wondering. He is able to play by ear a little and has fun with it.

I took the boys and Lucey and headed for Osage Beach. I met my good friend Jeanne and her two kiddos for a fun time at a resort with an indoor water park.

The kids are ready to go...Megan and Lucey with their tutu suits.

The Mamas....we have our suits on but feeling much better being covered up. At least I did. I dreaded taking of my cover up. I did though! The water park was a whole lot of fun. Lucey is fearless. The girl and I went down several water slides--she sat between my legs. They were tunnels so we were in the dark with water splashing up in our faces. She loved it. Jeanne and I both went down the monster slides with our big boys. Jeanne--we were super moms that day.

We are dressed in green ready to have our corn beef and cabbage. It was delicious!

Lucey was waiting patiently for her meal.

That bear was great...stuffed of course. It looks like it is ready to take a bite out of Jack.

Megan reading Lucey a book.

The next day it was to the pool and in the hot tub for Jack, Andrew and Christian.

Lucey is losing it. She was so tired and in tears. Here she is standing in front of the spa. I was thinking about how nice it would be to be having a massage at that moment.

A total melt down.
This place had so many stairs it was unbelievable. No elevators. I got a work out with Miss L.L. She walked and did the stairs so we would go slow or I would pick her up and tote her 25 pound body....she starts to feel heavy after awhile. Great exercise for me.
It was such a fun time. Thanks Jeanne, you made St. Pat's day extra fun with all of your beads, cookies and that yummy bottle of wine you brought. ;-) I loved the girl time too.

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