Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Lucey Louise
Referral picture-6 months old.
"She Sparkles!"

11 months old
We can't wait to get our hands on her!
"Sweet Little Teeth."

Monday, May 26, 2008

In Memory...

We spent our afternoon at a National Cemetery sharing with the boys about the cost of freedom. They know the cost all to well when Ron spent a year away from us in Iraq. They grew up a lot that year. I believe it has made them stronger and more faithful. We were among many today who were searching for loved ones pacing through the perfectly aligned white tomb stones. We found their Grandfather. It was a perfect place to pray for our Soldier's, for the families, for our Blessed Nation, for all those who are hurting. For Peace. God Bless America.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Welcome to our Blog

Adam, Beth and Ron
Christian and Andrew
Easter 2008

To our Dear Family and Friends ~
Because we live so far away from many of you and we move around entirely too much, we have decided to create a Blog to share a little about what is going on in our lives. We have appreciated your love, prayers and support throughout the many years we have known you. We cherish each one of you and thank you for being a part of our family.

We have some wonderful news to share with you:

We are in the process of an amazing, prayerful, journey of bringing a little girl into our family. A little girl by the name of Wu Zhengyue who we have named-- Lucey Louise Wu or better yet---Lucey Lou--

Ron and I have been praying about the possibility of adopting a child for about 6 years. Time and time again we would meet people who have adopted or run into people with an adoption story or who were also contemplating adoption. In January 2008, Focus on the Family focused their program on adoption stories. We were moved to action after hearing that there are 143 million orphans in the world. Ron and I knew in our hearts that we needed to press forward with adoption. It wasn't hard to get the boys on board. They got so excited from the first words we shared. This really didn't surprise us, each one of the boys has such a heart of compassion for others. The idea of a waiting child was more appealing to them than a perfect child. One who we could give wings to so she could eventually fly on her own. We are so blessed to be parents to Adam, Andrew and Christian. I think we all feel that Lucey will be the one to minister to our hearts. So here we go--everything is happening so fast:
January 10th: We met with our wonderful caseworker, Carol. We began the paperwork chase. In fact, we were at the beginning of the whole adoption process when:

March 26th: The referral came. She was a perfect match for us. Carol said, "I have a Tucker Baby." We said we wanted a waiting child. One who was young and with a hearing loss. Our sweet little baby girl is 11 months old right now....she was born on June 3rd, 2007. She has Microtia. She was born with a "nub" of an ear on her right side. She has perfect hearing on her left with maybe some hearing on her right side but we won't know until we bring her home. She does not have an ear canal but she may have an inner ear. We met with a wonderful, Christian pediatrician who happens to share an office with my physician who happens to be from China! She met with us and looked over Lucey's medical file and studied her face. She was on board with us immediately and shared a few tears of happiness with us. She knows personally the Docs at Children's hospital who specialize in Cranio-facial deformities. Our Doc has sent Lucey's medical records to them and they too are eager to work with us and have mentioned some plans they have for Lucey after we bring Lucey home.
April 1st: We officially accepted Lucey's referral.

May 5th: We have preliminary approval by China. What a relief and a feeling that is difficult to describe that Lucey Lou is ours. We can't wait to bring Lucey home to us.
Check back with us when you can. Leave a comment if you wish. We'd love to hear from you.