Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cousins Come To Play

My Aunt Clare, my Cousin Emily from Chicago and her two little guys came over on this day to play. We talked a lot about parenting and just life in general. We ate, laughed and just enjoyed ourselves. Lucey did pretty well sharing....she doesn't have to share too often so it was good for her. She had several moments where she wasn't sure about the boys playing with her toys. We moved through those moments gracefully.

A little Easter decor.

I made some treats .

We ate a healthy lunch. Our favorites. Lucey loves her PBJ. I love dill chicken salad.

The boys ate at Lucey's little table and she sat in her highchair with a good view of them. They are so cute.

Lucey ran around with out her pants. She had on her cloth trainers and is doing so well taking herself to the potty. The boys didn't seem to mind at all that she was missing her britches.

Today was all about the trains. Crawling around and being silly.

Emily and I.

Aunt Clare and I.

Andrew and Christian came home from school and jumped into playing. Two sets of twins...quadruple the fun. We were missing one on this picture...I think he was snuggling with his Grandma.
"We will see all of you on April 2nd...can't wait!"

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