Sunday, March 14, 2010

Best Friends

A year ago Lucey was terrified of little Max. She shook with fear every time he came near her. Poor Max spent a lot of time alone in a room when Lucey was up and walking around. We worked hard with Lucey and Max and getting over her fear of him. It really didn't take long for her to adjust to him. But now.....

Lucey LOVES him! He is her playmate. He is so tolerant of all she does with him. Hugs, kisses, tugs on him, and....dresses him up in headbands. I think he loves all the attention. Lucey also pets him and rubs his ears. Max is really not very tolerant of little ones. But, Lucey can do no wrong --most of the time...once in a while he gives her a gentle warning that she has crossed the boundary--we all need boundaries....yes? Speaking of boundaries....I've been working on my own. (Another post for another day....maybe.)

Lucey put the white islet head band around Max. I guess she is trying to make him a Girly Guy.

It's hard to see but the head band is now on his head.

On the floor together...they snuggle, roll around and play. She also was having fun with a shoe string. For the past few days Max has been walking around with it hanging off of him.

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  1. Nothing more beautiful than a child and their dog!


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