Friday, March 12, 2010

Spending Time With Family

The last few weeks we have squeezed in some visits with family.

In St. Louis:

Adam and Lucey getting ready to order some Sushi.

We were in St. Louis recently where we linked up with our case worker. Carol is like family...we owe a lot to her...she helped "birth" Lucey into our family. She was our---yes---- our midwife.


n. pl. mid·wives (-wvz)
1. A person, usually a woman, who is trained to assist women in childbirth.
2. One who assists in or takes a part in bringing about a result:

This is Carol...I think her job is harder than a midwife. Most of these adoption "pregnancies" go way overdue. There can be many complications and hysterical mommies. She is the picture of calm and has many solutions up her sleeve. She held our hand through the whole process and in the end....a healthy baby girl named, Lucey Louise Yue. Thank you Carol, for everything. Words can't express how we feel about you.

Carol and The Troops

We said "good-bye for now" to Carol (We will be seeing you again for sure!) and took a stroll around the mall. Nana came with us.

There was a happy belated birthday surprise for the Tucker Twins.

Handcrafted by Papa....Chess Sets for each of them. Ohhhhhhhh----ahhhhhhhh---beautiful! The tops open to reveal the chess pieces. Thank you Dad! The first thing they did when we got home was to play each other a game of chess. You will have to ask them who won. Papa also made them a 3-D puzzle. We set the timer and time each other to see who can put it together the quickest. They also love their Packer hats!! Awesome!

Hugs from Christian while Andrew checks out the pieces.

Hugs from Andrew.

Papa and the grand kids.

Nana and Lucey

Nothing like Kisses on the fingers from Nana.
At our home in Ft. Leavenworth:
We had a visit from Auntie M. and Uncle Paul O. It was a quiet, delightful afternoon. I made us super big salads with everything you can imagine, we ate, visited and just shared. It was so relaxing. Lucey was all sweetness that afternoon. Her only wish was that someone would read to her. She got her wish...

Auntie M. reading one of Lucey's favorites.

Uncle Paul.....get ready, your turn next! Lucey took a stack of books to uncle Paul and they snuggled for awhile.

The boys came home from school eager to visit. They love family visits. We all shared in some Lemon Meringue pie together.

In Kansas City:
We were invited to a second cousin's basketball game. She played great! The best on her team. She is number 5....with the ball ready to score!

Lucey had fun strolling around on the edge of the court. We had to visit the ladies room as well (so far potty training is going well...even in public). She did well at the game.
We all went out for pizza afterwards. Then back to Uncle Paul M.'s house to visit.

Aunt Clare was on the floor with Lucey--playing and reading Encyclopedias to her. Yes...that's right....Encyclopedias. I know most people don't use them today. We have a you?

Ron was on his way back from out of town with the "little" boys and stopped by to say hi. It was so nice to be together. Lucey is still with Aunt Clare....see her on her lap ;-) Uncle Vic was there too....Lucey did well warming up to her two Uncles and gave kisses and hugs good-bye.
We move in about a year so these visits mean a lot. The last 4 years we have lived near family. Who knows where we will end up next.

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  1. Great photo's! I am entirely impressed with the chess set! What a keepsake! Your dad is very talented.
    Hope to get together again soon since the weather seems to be warming up!


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