Saturday, February 5, 2011

Christmas Vacation Part V

We headed for St. Louis a few days after we said good-bye to Spark. We planned a packed full schedule in our home city. Thank you to all who fed us, housed us and gathered with us.

1. We had dinner with my very dear friend from High School, Renee (Lucey's God Mother) and her sweet family.
2. We visited a college that Adam is very interested in attending. He loves it even more now. He has been accepted. He just needs to make a final decision.
3. We had lunch with another dear friend, Jeanne and her amazing family. We met at Pasta House! A favorite restaurant of mine from childhood.
4. We took a quick trip to Illinois to see yet more special friends and even spent the night with them. Katie, Jim and Ben! What a relaxing time filled with a marathon visit.
5. We had a late Christmas exchange with my sister, husband and sweet little boy at Mom and Dad's house. Lucey adores her little cousin. :-) As do we all.

I took a break from the camera to enjoy living in the moment.

We ended our visit with a beautiful wedding on Ron's side of the family. They are such a warm and welcoming group of people always making us feel a part of all their special occasions.

Stefani and Patrick...beautiful bride and groom.

This sweet couple belongs to Linda (Ron's cousin), gorgeous mother of the groom...John---Dad, and Brendan....the grooms brother.

There I am sitting with all the young pretty girls in the family. Look at that scrumptious center piece. I was in awe of it. The flowers are all real and the little flowers streaming down are all hand tied to gold wire.

Ron was so good to take over my camera. Another angle of the table. Cousin Dale and Marylou and David.

And yet another angle....there's Ruth and Jenna peaking through.

The venue was on the corner of the building. What a view!

I loved the different.

We enjoyed a delicious sit down meal....the menu.

Beautiful Mother and Son dance.

This was the Christmas tree in the corner of the ballroom. Look at the big silver balls surrounding the tree.

Cousins Diane and Gene and new grand baby boy...congratulations!!!

The view out the window....The St. Louis Arch and courthouse.

A fuzzy picture of Ron and I... a nice guest was kind to take the picture.

Dancing with the younger group....our 3rd cousins? Heck...I'm not sure what the relationship is at this doesn't matter....special people!
I think I'm all caught up on our Christmas vacation. It was busy, filled with lot's of company, events, friends and family!!!
Next....catching up through January.
I'm determined to get our pictures all on the blog! Thanks for following along!

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  1. What a beautiful wedding!!! Makes me excited about Savannah's!!! :)
    Blessings and Joy!


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