Sunday, February 6, 2011

B-Ball Boy

January came and went so quickly. Part of the month was dedicated to the start of basketball season for Christian. He plays for his middle school. He tried out in December and made the team despite never having played before.

Christian is in blue and gold in the center of the picture.

He started this game.

Taking the ball down court....

Getting in there....

Taking the shot.....

It sure looks like it went in....but it didn't. Good try Christian.

It's been a rough season for the team. Our boys go to school on the Fort. Almost the entire student body leaves every year and a new group comes in. Why? Because the Fort we live on is known for the prestigious Military college. A one year school. These boys play together for the first time coming in from all over the world. I think they are doing well despite this setback. They play schools where the kids grow up playing with one another. The team has really bonded and they work hard.
They have won two games and those were exciting.

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