Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Little About Adam

On February 5th Adam and I went to Mom Prom. It's a dance for Mom's and their Son's--a tradition at Adam's school. All those boys say this is their favorite dance because there is absolutely no drama. Just a bunch of boys dancing with their moms and having a blast. We had so much fun last year but this year was even better. The Senior boys were the highlight. There was a slide show with pictures of each of the boys starting with their baby pictures. Ahhhh....just so cute. We played games to include one that was like the Newlywed Game. I think, if score was being counted, Adam and I would have won! We danced the entire night! Adam is a fantastic dancer! Nothing shy about Adam.

Adam had to get his wisdom teeth taken out on February 11th. Boy, what a painful ordeal that was for him. He ended up getting dry sockets on the bottom two. I don't think I have ever seen him in so much pain. I really felt helpless other than praying with him and driving him back and forth to the surgeon to have the sockets cleaned and packed.

Thankfully Adam is pain free now.....but, he ended up with a stomach bug on Monday morning (more on that to hit 4 out of the 6 of us!) so he was in bed again!
Adam has lost quite a bit of weight during this whole ordeal. I've been giving him Ensure to help him gain some back.
I do believe today I see a flicker of light in our little tunnel.


  1. What a beautiful couple you two make!!! That had to be SO fun!!! And so sorry he had such a tough time with his wisdom teeth!!! Not fun and sure hope you all get to feeling better there!!!!!
    Blessings and love!

  2. handsome and beutiful..matchine lorh,,sweet :)


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