Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Where Past Meets Present III


On Wednesday of last week Lucey's pain became unbearable! I felt helpless, the pain medication was not working. I was ready to melt down. I called my neighbor who sat with Lucey while I came up with a plan. Lu was crying so loud I could not make the phone calls. I called a pediatric dentist from the phone book and explained the situation. They squeezed us in. I was also running carpool. The dentist was very compassionate and said she could put temp. fillings in there hoping that would tide Lucey over until she has the surgery. I left the office, picked up carpool, took the kids home and then back to the dentist for the procedure. They gave Lucey some "laughing" gas and put the fillings in. I told Lu they were band aids. She accepted that and did pretty well. She has been a new kid ever since. Another answer to my pleading prayers with God. Lucey was not eating well and now she is back to eating and living pain free.

My parents have been here so I've been busy with them. We leave tomorrow for St. Louis. A ten hour drive. I'm coming home on Friday. I decided to take the train. A little crazy but I think it could be fun. We leave on Thursday night and will arrive in Dallas on Friday morning. Ron will drive the three hours to pick us up. I have a lot to do to get us ready today and get the boys all settled before I leave for the week. I'm grateful we can have Lucey's teeth fixed before we fly to South Carolina on the 13th for Adam's graduation. Thank you for all of your prayers. I can feel them. xoxo

Past: On April 14, 2011

Lucey had a dental appointment with a fantastic team. Everyone was so good with her and she, for the first time, allowed someone to really look, clean and floss her teeth. Lucey has a host of issues going on in her mouth. It could be related to her hemifacial microsomia, the bottle she drank (large hole in the nipple to allow the milk and rice to flow into her mouth...Lucey's had a difficult time sucking) which was the complete source of her caloric intake, genetic...we don't know....

After going through this appointment we learned that this dentist could not do the work necessary. He practiced in one state but the big children's hospital was in the other. I had not thought about that. I figured he could perform the surgery at the children's hospital located in his state. The hospitals are related and just 20 miles apart. So back to the drawing board.

We were in St. Louis in June so we went back to her original team at St. Louis Children's Hospital. The doctor said from what he can tell from looking, Lucey needs several crowns and a possible root canal. He would not know for sure until he gets in there when she is asleep. They could not get her in....get this....until October 19th. Okay....so let's hope and pray for now she does not have to experience pain. In July she had some pain. I cringed. We were at Disney World (We'll get to that). No problem....a little Tylenol did the trick....


Lucey has been in a lot of pain. For about a week she has had severe pain every day. We have been making phone calls, pleading with the hospital to squeeze her in. She has been through Emergency where I sat in the parking lot while talking to the pediatric nurse on the phone wondering what to do. Lucey is on an antibiotic and pain meds. We are so very careful with her sugar and what she eats. I put clove oil (tastes yucky) on the molars that hurt the worst. Most of all, we pray! You would think fixing teeth would be easy. Not for Lucey. We were told last summer when she had surgery that she has a deformed airway. We were called from the OR and given this very specific piece of information. Important to know in case of an emergency. Lucey can't have surgery just anywhere.

Today I called my prayer warrior friend.....we prayed. Today we got a call from St. Louis letting us know they can fit Lucey in a week from tomorrow!!! My parents arrive on Thursday and leave to go home to St. Louis next Tuesday! Lucey and I are hitching a ride with them. Isn't that wonderful! Lucey and I will fly home a few days after her surgery dependant on how well she is doing. I spent the afternoon (today) working with our insurance and a very helpful case manager at our post hospital. Another answered prayer...her name is Mary and Mary is so compassionate and working hard to get all the referrals in place so Lucey can get the help she needs.

We need to make Lucey comfortable. Please pray that she is not overcome with pain. That her abscess does not make her very sick. Today was so very rough. Thank you so much!

I'm sharing a sneak peek picture of Lucey with Cinderella at our princess breakfast this summer at Disney World. What a fabulous experience. Lucey, myself and my mom enjoyed every minute of our royal dining engagement. Lucey was very much into it. Of course I'll share more later. ;-)


"Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you." (Matthew 7:7)

I'm praising God today for answered prayer.


  1. Happy to hear they got Lucey in sooner. I'll be praying for her, tooth pain has got to be the worst pain to experience especially for child. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am SO thankful you were able to get a quicker appt!!! Will be praying for your precious baby! In His Love,


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