Monday, October 8, 2012

Apple Festival and Gettysburg

The National Apple Harvest Festival

 I suppose, since we live close to our nations capital....every event around here is considered a "national" event.  :-)   We had such a great day yesterday!  There was a chill in the air and it was a bit drizzly which made the hot apple cider even more delicious.  We took a bus ride from the parking lot to the fun!

Andrew and Christian enjoying the petting zoo....not really.  They were good sports.  They mostly loved the eating part of being at a fair.  Lot's of junk food we typically do not partake in.


Lu was thrilled with her pink puppy balloon. 

Waiting for the guys to meet us. 

 We also went to Gettysburg.

 I was here about 11 years ago.  The new visitor's center is beautiful!  I can't wait to go back and explore it a little more in depth.  We had limited time.

Christian has not been feeling well.  His asthma has not been in control.  He has also been fighting an infection.  So he needed a little rest and TLC while we had a bite to eat.

Lu was her silly happy self.

Ron bought the driving tour on CD.  It is amazing--very well done.  It's a 90 min. detailed audio of the battle.  We are heading there today to take the tour.

Ron gave us a little background yesterday since he has studied the battle.  He took a trip there last week with his War College Class.  We are so excited about getting the full tour today. 

The goodies we picked up at the festival yesterday.  We tasted tested each of them and wow, so yummy.


  1. What a great day!!! LOVE the really happy photo!!! Precious!!! XO

  2. Look at our beautiful miss Lu! I could tell she is doing very well! Happy girl, Happy family!


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