Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another Snow Day

Cabin Fever has taken over....

Andrew and Christian did not have school again today. It's so cold and we still have slick streets here. Adam's school was in's private and half the students board so they went ahead and had classes (although the local Public school was called off). Ron drove him the 25 miles and they arrived just fine.

It's hard to be outside for long when the windchill is zero.

My Mom told me the other day that she thought it was fun to have a snow day with my sister and I. I do remember hot cocoa and a relaxed day keeping warm. My sister and I were such calm girls and we loved to do calm activities. I do adore having my boys around and they love their Mom...but let me tell's loud and active when they are home. They are the equivalent to a pair of English Sheep Dogs coming in from the rain....running in and shaking their wet bodies all over the place. No, seriously....they bring so much of the outside in when they come barreling through the door. I do love their activity and all their chatter and I know someday I will be wanting all that back when they are off making their way in life. But, I do hope tomorrow they will be back in their classroom. ;-) My house needs to be put back together.

Anyway-- Christian was bored today so we made cookies with left over Christmas baking items. We had all the ingredients minus a half a bag of butterscotch and one egg. So we made oatmeal scotchies and halved the recipe (still minus one egg). Christian loves to be in the kitchen...he did a great job.

They were a little flat but they were tasty!

We then played Othello. He really wanted to beat me. It's one of my favorites and I have to say, I'm pretty good. :-) He is a good sport.

I took these pictures at 1:00 in the afternoon and yes, we are still in jammies. I would never let you see what I look like! Lucey has colored, painted, stamped and used her play dough. Then off to chunky Legos and a shopping cart.

Christian decided to play a PS3 game. Andrew is at a friends and Christian is really missing his buddy.

On a side note....last Saturday Adam was a teammate on the varsity scholar's bowl team for his school. It was a tournament with about 20 schools. They placed second. "Way to go Adam and MH-MA!"
I'd better get back to the Troops....they want to play a game!

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