Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our Weekend With Lucey

We took Lucey to church this morning for her first Christian Worship Service. Let me tell you....She was amazing! I'm not kidding....this girl lives up to her name....pure joy, a light! She made all the people around us smile. She waved her hands, clapped and bounced around with every song sung. We go to a traditional, liturgical style of worship and here she was--loving right where she was at. She has been pretty reserved around others but she is opening up a little. She really liked Paul, the 5 year old boy who sat behind us. She wanted to hold his hands. They were so cute together. She mostly wanted to be in Adam's lap. She sat with him for about half the service. She thoroughly enjoys new experiences. We enjoy watching her as she learns more about her new world.

Lucey and I after church. I'm wearing the silk scarf that Ron bought for me in China.

Friday, it was back to school. Lucey did well in the high chair for part of the time as we worked. She loves her high chair.

Something new....crayons! Wow, did she ever love these.

She loves her bunny blankie from her Aunt Bunny. Christian is working with her on getting closer to Max...I'm not sure we have made anymore head way here.

Nana and Papa came over Friday evening. She was pretty shy. It didn't take long and she was warming up to Nana.

Nana brought presents. It didn't take long before she knew to unwrap each gift and that there would be something special for her. She enjoyed each new toy. Thank you Nana.

My own "Cell Phone." She loves toys that make noise and music.

She is feeling even more comfortable with Nana.

Andrew and Lucey are in Nana's lap. I think Andrew was there first and Lucey wanted in on it too.
I don't have any pictures of Papa but he was right here too. As we were saying good-bye and I was hugging them....Lucey reached out to hug on her own. She hugged Papa!

Lucey received another gift....from our wonderful neighbors...The Woolseys...Thank you! The frame matches her room perfectly and Lucey loves her little angel. Thank you for thinking of us.


  1. Such sweet pictures. Lucey looks especially pretty in the little pink dress. It's fun dressing a girl, isn't it? Having had all boys myself until 2004, I wasn't sure if I could be a girls' mom or not, but it has been fun.

    I'm so sorry to read about your friend, Fred. The story really did not receive the national attention it should have, and it causes me anxst to realize that being a Christian is no longer the respectable (or even safe) thing to be. It makes me very thankful that my children have all make professions to follow Christ, and I am challenged to pray specifically for each one daily. Thank you for sharing, and again, I am so sorry for your loss.

  2. I just wanted to say "hi" as a mommy to a little girl from Fujian and a LL family. We traveled with Candi and her family to China - I hope that you two can connect. My daughter is from a different orphanage, but is has certainly been a blessing to talk with others.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading the blog of the China trip - in some ways, I felt like I was reliving mine. Seeing the hotel pictures certainly brought back very fond memories. Aside from Fuzhou and Guangzhou, we also spend some time at the Holiday Inn Golden Mile in HK and went to see the big budda.

    Lucey is adorable, I look forward to reading and seeing more. And if we ever make it to a LL picnic, it would be great to meet!

    So sorry to hear about your friend Fred. What an awful tragedy.

    (oh - and I am a Mizzou grad!)

  3. Your daughter is beautiful! I saw your comment on Jia's blog. I live in the same town with Joy. My 8 year old daughter has hemifacial microsomia and was just adopted from China in July 2008. Check out our blog. Melinda


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