Friday, March 13, 2009

It Is With a Heavy Heart That I Write This--

I've been wanting to write about this but I have been finding it hard to address what happened last Sunday.

On Sunday morning, the day Ron, Adam and Lucey were flying home from China, I found out Rev. Fred Winters was killed by a gun man during Sunday morning service. You may have heard about this--it was covered on national news. I was so excited about hearing from Ron knowing they were getting ready to land in New Jersey and then I received a phone call...what a tragedy. I still do not know what to say. It's hard to understand something like this. Something so pointless.

We knew Fred. Ron had a relationship with Fred. He was such a vibrant man with a sweet young family. He loved the Lord and shared that love for Jesus in a bold way--Fred is a Hero!!! Ron asked Fred to give the Invocation at his promotion last year. Fred came out in a snow storm to do that for Ron. They were in a men's group together. They shared a love for the Mizzou Tigers. He was a great guy. He knew the name of each person in his congregation of 1,200. He truly cared for others. Please keep his wife, Cindy, and their two daughters in your prayers.

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This picture was taken after Ron arrived home after Fred's funeral. Ron said it was beautiful and all about Jesus. It was standing room only in the very large sanctuary. Fred was loved by so many.

We said good-bye to one life and we welcomed a new life into ours. All in one day--

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