Sunday, October 31, 2010

Going To State!

The Ravens WON last Friday night! What a game that was! A real nail biter. The teams were evenly matched and fast paced. At the end of the two 40 min. halves....1-1. Overtime. They played two 10 minute halves and two 5 minute halves. Still, 1-1 with near misses by both teams. The crowd was going wild. I didn't want to see this happen but they went into penalty kicks- a shoot out--two rounds of agony. Each team member taking a turn and the fans getting emotional. Finally....The Ravens Scored one extra to win the Regional Championship. State bound!

The game starts--The Ravens in blue.

It was chilly but our girl, once again, was a real trooper (we didn't get home until 11:15 p.m.)

Lizzie, a sophomore in high school, played with Lucey most of the game. They did a lot of drawing. We are thankful to this sweet girl and Lucey was in artistic heaven.

We had an extra with us....the other Andrew. The boys had such a great time together and were quite the cheerleaders.

We brought signs with us and the boys stood right on the edge of the field using loud voices hoping to make a difference.

Adam was sent out in the second half. It's hard to see him but he is the guy in the far back and center of the picture. We all went wild when we heard Adam's name announced. I did a double take. I have not shared much about Adam and what he has endure this soccer season and I have decided not to go into it here but I will say this....Adam stuck with it when most would have quit. I shed some tears over his situation and poured many prayers over Adam and the circumstances. I am in awe of Adam and his maturity and his endurance. He had courage and he gave it his all with respect to the adult who tried to break him down. We started looking at the situation through God's lenses and not our own. I have grown a lot through this experience. It's a lesson in

A picture of the team after they ran out to meet the guys who were in the shoot out. It ended in a dog pile.

The students and fans could hardly contain themselves from running out on to the field.

Ron had the camera (I had Lucey) and I forgot to set it for there is a little blur...but you can see Christian with his arms wrapped around Adam. Pandemonium on the field. It was great!
Tomorrow night...State play offs!

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