Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Little Ladybug

We had a fun Halloween and Lucey loved trick-or-treating. She collected just enough candy for herself and to share with her brothers....not too much...just a little. And's almost gone. I'm so happy about that. Our sweet girl has quite the sweet tooth. Don't we all.


  1. Adorable ladybug~ we had one too. :)

  2. Lucey Lu is just precious!! and the lady bug outfit is perfect! What an angel. We went trick or trunking this year and Bailey also got just enough. Chocolate is her big thing that I have to keep mostly out of her life when I can. But you are right about us all..I have to keep it out of my life when I can too!

    SO glad you all had a fun Halloween.

    And..I loved your description of Bailey's Christmas dress.


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