Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Latest Victim, Asian Cooking Class and Fall Decor

It's Lucey's turn. I'm so sad she is sick. She has been so healthy the last 18 months she has been with us. On Tuesday afternoon she felt so warm. I took her temperature and it was 103. Yesterday I took her to the pediatrician and she has the dreaded ear infection and bright red throat. With only one ear, her doctor decided to be aggressive and start her on an antibiotic. The first one that I'm aware of. I'm not a fan of antibiotics; I know they save lives but they are over prescribed. Lucey could have a viral infection, the doctor is not sure. Antibiotics can't distinguish between the good and bad bacteria....but, what if a secondary infection starts? What if her one ear drum bursts? So the pros out weight the cons right now.

She has been the best patient. When her fever spikes....she is down for the count. When her temp. is about 100....she is up and moving. She is having a little trouble hearing. :-(

She is watching her show.

Adam went to one class this morning and then school was canceled. There was a water problem in the town where he goes to school....The Department of Health and Environment issued a boil order for the city.
He called and asked if he good bring is adorable girlfriend home for the afternoon. Lin and Adam went grocery shopping and Lin gave Adam an Asian cooking lesson.

Lin didn't want to get her pretty sweater dirty so Adam let her borrow his Cardinal t-shirt. Our favorite team!

They are making dumplings...

They made a bunch to share with The Troops.

Lin is just beautiful, especially on the inside. So easy to talk to and so polite. Lin is a bording student from China and is helping Adam with his Chinese. Lucey adores her and Lin is the sweetest with her.

I couldn't stay and cook with them, Lucey had her doctor's appointment. They served me when I got home. It was so delicious! The twins were delighted when they got home to the special treat!

They let me snap a picture before they headed back to campus. Adam had soccer practice.
Our weather has been beautiful so it's been very unfortunate that I have been stuck inside for the most part. With my pneumonia (I'm feeling better every day) and now we will go for a walk. She could use some fresh air and I could use some exercise.
Anyway....I got out some of our fall decor and had fun changing things up in the house. This place needs some work. I've only been able to get the bare necessities laundry and meals. So while Lucey was napping...I got to work and had a good time. The Troops loved the changes I made and gave me so many compliments. I'm glad I made them happy.



  1. Can you come and decorate my house next? I enjoyed seeing how you decorate. I feel like with all our moves that I have to cut down on unnecessary things but seasonal decor really does make a house a home. Hope Lucey feels better soon.

  2. Hope you are all 100% better soon! Love the fall decorations!!!

  3. Hi Andrea...I know what you mean about all the moving and not having unnecessary things to haul around. We have been purging like crazy but I do keep the holiday things...I don't have a lot but it does make this rather bland military home a little cozier.

    Lucey is getting better but her "bug" has moved to her chest. Poor thing has a cough.

    Thank you Leslie...we are at 85%. We want to be 100%! This has been a tough 6 weeks. We are getting there.

  4. Beth, thanks so much for the visit and comment. I see you have been very busy taking care of your family and yourself. No fun having pneumonia. I have had it three times in my life. Hope Lucey feels better soon. I will be showing the entire kitchen Tuesday night for a linky party. I have shown it before several months ago, but since there is a new kitchen link up tomorrow night I will share it again.
    Thanks again,


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