Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lucey News

Last week Lucey was fitted with a bone conduction hearing aide. I'll explain more about that next time. She is doing such a great job wearing it and she is telling me that it is helping her. It's wonderful! I'm amazed by her persistence; it's not a very comfortable device to wear. I'll go into more detail about that as well in my next post. I just wanted to show pictures today.

Lucey is playing while we wait in the reception area for Lisa, Lucey's audiologist.

Lisa is putting the device on Lucey. Lucey was very agreeable to this. We have been talking about it for awhile. She wasn't afraid or apprehensive.

That look....hearing for the first time from her right side. So precious! I can't believe I caught her surprise on camera. I may have to frame this one.

Lucey is getting her left ear checked after having the ear infection. All is well. Her ear is fine! Giving praise to the Lord for He is good.

I'll post again soon and share more about Lucey and her hearing aide. I also had a great weekend. I can't wait to share that too!


  1. What a precious smile when she heard out of that ear for the first time. We find out November 5th if Zoe will get one.

  2. The BAHA helped Meah tremendously with her speech. She actually only has one sound now that she has trouble with. I hope Lucey loves it! Sometimes, at first, Meah did think it was a little loud, but she adjusted quickly. It is amazing when they realize they can hear from that side.


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