Saturday, October 2, 2010

Here's To A Healthy, Happy Fall!

The entire month of September has been reserved for "Tucker Triage." The Troops have been "hit" and there have been several casualties. It started with Andrew the last weekend of August with a high fever and fatigue. He had strep throat and pneumonia which resulted in a week off of school and two and half weeks of missed football. Next, Christian...strep, respiratory and fever. He bounced back fairly quick but gave his germs to Adam and I. Adam also bounced back quickly. I, however, did not. I don't recall ever being this sick. After two weeks of back and forth to the doctor, tears and finally a chest x-ray; I was diagnosed with pneumonia. I've been on a "z-pack" for the last two days and do feel a lot better. I have no energy and I have had hives for over a week now but this is minor compared to last week. Ron canceled his trips and took very good care of me. Thank you, Ron!! I don't know what I would have done with out him. A friend brought flowers and neighbors were so kind to bring dinner. Being surrounded by our Military Family is such a blessing.

This dinner was so delicious. What a wonderful gift.

Lucey...she feels great! What does a 3 year old do when her Mommy can't function? She entertains herself and she does it well! We had a parent teacher conference and she got a glowing report. She is the youngest in her class of 10. She knew things that none of her classmates knew. Her teacher is very impressed with her. There is one area where she needs work....her cutting skills. Lucey's teacher sent us home with a pair of scissors for Lucey to practice with ( a special pair). Lucey spent hours cutting and has improved. I drew lines on paper and she cut along them pretty well.


Lucey spent hours painting. This girl has such a long attention span. It's wonderful!

Lucey spent some extra time in extended care after school this week. I was worried about her but she did very well. It was such a help to me. I had a few doctor appointments and I needed some rest.

I had a chest x-ray on the 28th. I didn't hear from my doctor on the 29th so I figured that I must be okay. Possible bronchitis or after effects of the flu. Adam was home sick this day too. We decided to walk to Andrew and Christian's football game--it was a beautiful day. Pushing Lucey in the stroller was impossible for me. I was so out of breath. I knew something was not right. The nurse did not call me until the 30th with my pneumonia news. I was not happy about this. At least I have the medicine and I'm finally recovering.
Lucey sits through an entire football game playing, eating and looking at all the activity.

Andrew is finally on the field after his long recovery. The boys went out together on the kick-off team. Christian-74 and Andrew-19. Andrew is just beyond the player who is setting up the football. It was fun to watch them both out there together. They were not exactly happy after this game. They wanted more play time. Their team won though--20-6.
Here's to you and a healthy happy fall!


  1. I hope your feeling better soon. It' so hard for a mom to get sick. I got the Swine flu last year just weeks before we left for China and it was very scary and hard for me just to rest and not do anything else.

  2. How awful to have the bug linger in the house. Glad you are feeling better. The z-pack saved the day for us while in China last time. Is that a Navy cheerleader skirt sitting next to Lucey in the bleachers? Just wondering. ;-)

  3. Lucey looks Great!! Hope everyone is feeling better!

    Meah has had lots of balance issues. I think it's because of missing her left ear, but no one has told me that for sure. She has improved since she has been home.


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